Stephen Colbert Now Has His Own Adventure Game

With just under two months still to go before he takes over The Late Show from David Letterman, Stephen Colbert apparently doesn’t have much to do with his time. So, perhaps taking a cue from the current Humble Bundle, he decided to make a game.Not to …

More Mortal Kombat X DLC Could Be on the Way; Tremor Being Shown Sunday

We’ll be getting a look at Tremor, the upcoming character for Mortal Kombat X, this Sunday, series creator Ed Boon has teased. And although he’s the last confirmed character to be coming as DLC, more may still be on the way.

Boon announced on Twitter that a Mortal Kombat livestream next Tuesday, July 21, will feature a gameplay breakdown of Tremor. Subsequently, he’s sent out a number of tweets all but confirming that, with Evo 2015 taking place this weekend, Tremor will first be seen this Sunday.

The images above and below were both sent out with references to Sunday. The one above reads, “Seismic activity is predicting something could be happening on Sunday…” The other states, “Is that a flaming ground buzz saw?” and is accompanied by Tremor and Sunday hashtags.

Additionally, in response to a tweet asking if Tremor would be playable on Sunday, Boon responded, “PLAY? No… SEE?”

Tremor will be the fourth DLC character released for Mortal Kombat X, and is the final part of the game’s Kombat Pack season pass. However, in his tweet about next week’s livestream, Boon describes Tremor as the “Kombat Pack Final? fighter.” Given his propensity for teasing announcements on Twitter, the question mark after final could be taken to mean that Tremor won’t, in fact, be the last DLC character.

Prior to the game’s launch, many Mortal Kombat fans were disappointed to learn that series mainstays like Noob, Smoke, Baraka, Sindel, and Nightwolf wouldn’t be playable. Some of these are included in the game, but only as non-playable characters with limited move sets for you to see or fight against. This led to some speculation that these characters could be more fully developed in the future and released as DLC.

That remains a possibility, but for the time being, there’s no indication of what future DLC might consists of. Let us know who you’d like to see added to the game in the comments below.

The Witcher 3’s Next Patch Arrives Very Soon

The latest patch for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be available sometime in the next day, developer CD Projekt Red has revealed.In a post on Twitter this afternoon, community lead Marcin Momot announced that the patch will be available in the next 24 h…

Before Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, a Comic Will Fill in the Backstory

Before the new Mirror’s Edge launches, Electronic Arts will release a new six-issue comic series that explores the backstory of Faith, the protagonist of the original game and the upcoming Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst.

Dark Horse Comics today announced the new limited series, titled Mirror’s Edge: Exordium. Exordium refers to an introduction to something, and that’s precisely what these comics will serve as for newcomers to the series. Readers will be provided with “special insight into the origin of Faith” in the comics as she transforms “from a careless young woman to the heroine who opens the eyes of the city.”

The series is being created by a team of employees at DICE, the developer of the Battlefield and Mirror’s Edge games. Narrative director Christofer Emgard will write the comics, while art will be handled by Mattias Haggstrom, Robert Sammelin, Henrik Sahlström, Erik Persson, and Emgard.

Dark Horse and EA had no further details on Exordium’s contents to share, though we did get a look at the cover of the first issue, which you can see above. The 32-page Exordium #1 will go on sale on September 9 for $4.

DICE has emphasized that Catalyst is not a sequel to the original Mirror’s Edge, though it’s unclear what that distinction actually means for the game. Despite confirmation of its existence, we’ve still yet to see the game itself, though it’s expected to be shown at E3 next week before its release in the first quarter of 2016.