Weekly Recap: PS4 Outsells Xbox One (But Not During E3), Assassin’s Creed Producer Joins EA


PS4 Outsells Xbox One in June, But Not During E3: The NPD Group announced June sales results for the United States this week. Although the PlayStation 4 was the best-selling overall console during June, the Xbox One was the better-selling system during the week of E3.

Jade Raymond Joins EA to Work on Star Wars: That’s a sentence I never thought I’d write. Electronic Arts announced this week that the veteran Ubisoft producer Jade Raymond had joined the company to establish a new studio called Motive Studios. Her first task is a big one: working on Visceral’s new Star Wars project.


How does Daniel Radcliffe feel about playing Sam Houser in the BBC’s upcoming Grand Theft Auto movie? Hint: he enjoyed it. Read this interview at IGN to find out.

Would you ever get a gaming tattoo? These people would. Check out this massive gallery of Gears of War-themed tattoos.

Some Star Citizen backers want refunds. That’s the short summary of this deep dive feature by PC Gamer about the Kickstarter success story and some of the concerns being raised by backers. The full story has a few angles and is very deep; read it all here.

“We were all on Adderall,” a competitive gamer says as part of this wide-ranging Daily Dot feature about professional Counter-Strike and more.

The Last Guardian co-developer Gen Design has updated its website with a bunch of beautiful-looking concept art. Really, it’s awesome. Check it out here.

Here’s something nice. Bethesda has announced plans to support a handful of charity efforts at QuakeCon later this summer, including the Red Cross, Extra Life, Take This, and others. Together, it amounts to the largest charity initiative in QuakeCon history. Right on! Get all the details here.

Gaijin Entertainment has shared some new backstory details for its upcoming Mad Max-style free-to-play vehicular combat PC game Crossout. Here’s the story so far: “In 2021 a mysterious viral epidemic known as the Crossout epidemic swept the planet Crossout triggered a human extinction event. Entire populations disappeared almost overnight.

“Those who didn’t die immediately were plagued by hallucinations and headaches. Many people went mad. Some looked to suicide to escape their degenerative state. The source of the disease was unknown, but its effects were everywhere. Cities that were once vibrant social and economic beacons of humanity were left ravaged and deserted.”

Wow. Wow. Wow. This Destiny cosplay is simply stunning. Check out the awesome images over at MTV, where you’ll also find some amazing Mass Effect cosplay from Comic-Con.

What game does Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance director Kenji Saito want to make next? According to recent comments, he would love to dive into a new Kill La Kill or Berserk game. Get the full story here.

Earthbound director Shigesato Itoi has written a moving post about Satoru Iwata, his longtime friend and colleague who died earlier this week. “You always put yourself last, after you’d finished helping everyone else. You were so generous as a friend…”

Here’s a cool trailer for an exciting-looking social god game called Crest. The video is inspired by Frank Herbert’s “Golden Path” theory from the Dune universe. Check it out below. You can also buy an Early Access version of the game today for $5.

GamesIndustry International has an excellent, wide-ranging interview with Ubisoft exec Alain Corre that covers topics such as emerging markets, virtual reality, and more. Read it here.

Sony will hold a press conference in China on July 29 to talk about plans for the PlayStation 4 (and other systems) in the country. China, with its countless millions of gamers, is a potentially lucrative market. But censorship concerns still linger.

Uh-oh. Due to concerns raised by the New Zealand governement about salaries, DayZ creator Dean “Rocket” Hall may have to close or relocate his office in Dunedin. Get the full story here. You can also read an in-depth interview with Hall here.

Wow, this Bloodborne statue is really, really nice-looking. Check out a full gallery of images over at Polygon. It’s well worth it.

The new Hitman movie, Agent 47, doesn’t arrive until August, but you can learn lots more about it right now directly from the actors. Watch this interview at IGN to get the full scoop.

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