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    An overall fantastic controller, October 7, 2014

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    This review is from: iPEGA PG-9021 Bluetooth Wireless Game Controller Gamepad Joystick for iPhone 5 5s/ iPod / iPad / Tablet PC / Android 3.2 (Personal Computers)

    Before I start, I want to say that I tested this primarily on an LG Optimus G Pro (Android 4.4.2).

    Now then, to begin, I’m fairly positive I want an Android controller for pretty much the same reasons as everyone. Because I hate blocking the screen using my fingers, I want the kind of precision that only a controller can give, and because I like to play certain games which have a lot of controls making them even less friendly to on-screen controls.

    Now I did the research and had a lot of choices. Most people recommended using a Sony Sixaxis controller (due to the well known design and general quality) or a Moga due to the software support. However, I ultimately chose the iPega 9021 for a couple of reasons.

    1) It has a smartphone mount on the top. Even with my giant 5.5” Optimus G Pro, the screen is simply too small to play games at a distance, so the 9021 having this mount is of great importance to me.

    2) The design is that of an Xbox 360 controller. Personally, I like Sony’s PS controller best, but the Xbox is a great choice too. It has enough buttons to meet my needs (yes, I need those L2/R2 buttons) and the size/design/placement of the analog sticks and buttons makes the controller comfortable, familiar, and a pleasure to use. The addition of the multimedia buttons was highly attractive as well.

    3) Affordability. The iPega 9021 is not in a league of its own; there are a few others bearing similar qualities. For example, the Moga Pro is a great controller and bears quite a resemblance. However, the Moga Pro costs $70 vs the iPega 9021 costing $25. The Moga Pro would probably be a great controller, but I’m betting it’s not 180% better than the 9021.

    So those are the reasons I got the iPega 9021. I bought it, it arrived, and I’ve been using it for several days. How does it stack up?

    **Design: Excellent**
    I said it before: I bought this controller because I really liked the resemblance to an Xbox controller and the inclusion of a mount, but how good is it in the hands?

    To begin, it really is an Xbox 360 controller in many ways. The colors, appearance, button placement, and etc is all from Microsoft’s book. To be detailed, it actually feels lighter than a real 360 controller, but the feeling of the buttons, triggers, and analog sticks are striking. Further, they’re the same size, so it fits comfortably in the hands.

    However, there does appear to be one poor point. The D-Pad feels cheap and doesn’t have good ease of use. Honestly, I don’t like the real 360 controller’s D-Pad much either – it’s one of the reasons I prefer Sony’s controller – but the 9021’s D-Pad feels even worse. It makes this clickety sound when pressed and feels like it’s being held by thin fragile plastic. It’s rather uncomfortable to press and would probably become a real burden if I was forced to use it extensively.

    Moving on, the few differences in the 9021 controller lies in four places: a ‘Home’ button below the Select button, an On/Off switch in the middle at the bottom, a set of multimedia buttons below the A/B/X/Y buttons, and, of course, the phone mount.

    The On/Off switch is self-explanatory and the ‘Home’ button is more for miscellaneous use (e.g. pairing the controller through bluetooth) rather than usage as a smartphone home button. The multimedia buttons are designed for, well, multimedia. There are Play/Pause/FF/Rewind/Volume keys and they’re small and really out of the way; a really nice addition to the controller. The mount itself is a neat little thing.

    When not needed, it folds into the middle (over the On/Off switch) and blends into the controller which is a good design. When needed, it flips up and length can be extended using a spring loaded top. The mount can comfortably hold my 5.5” Optimus G Pro phablet and it can stretch even further out. There are holding pads on the bottom and top of the mount which works very well to hold it tight. I tried turning the controller sideway and even upside down, but my phone did not budge.

    I said it twice already and you can probably guess from my glowing words, but I’m a big fan of this controller’s design.

    **Software and Games: Great, but not perfect**
    Aside from design, software is the one other thing that can really break a controller. After all, what good is a great design if the controller doesn’t work with any games?

    In this regard, the 9021 also fares very well, but there are things that could be improved.

    First, lets talk about what software it has. The iPega includes three software that you download from iPega’s online storage (they don’t have the software in the Play Store for very apparent reasons): Android Gamepad Assistant, BitGames Emulator Games, and BitGames Game Centre.

    Android Gamepad Assistant: This is the main connective…

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    Great (for emulators at least), but doesn’t hold phone well., June 19, 2014
    S. Gardner (WASHINGTON, UT, US) –

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    This review is from: iPEGA PG-9021 Bluetooth Wireless Game Controller Gamepad Joystick for iPhone 5 5s/ iPod / iPad / Tablet PC / Android 3.2 (Personal Computers)
    I’ve only used one other bluetooth controller, that is also made by iPEGA, and it’s a much smaller version. Not sure what model that one is but it works well enough, and great for travelling, but it’s just not big enough to play for a long time without my hands cramping a little. I bought this controller because it seemed like a bigger controller and because I prefer the xbox controller over the play station version. I have it paired with a galaxy s3 and it only took about 30 seconds to pair it. My other controller connects automatically every time I power it on, this one has to be reconnected (it stores the pair in your bluetooth memory but you have to open up your bluetooth list and select it to actually connect). It doesn’t take long but it is kind of annoying.

    This controller feels solid, fits my large hands well, and I don’t see any problems with it breaking soon under normal use. It’s not the same build quality as an Xbox controller but the size seems very similar if not identical. The buttons are a little clicky when everything around you is silent but they aren’t horrible and they don’t feel ‘squishy’. Their are two shoulder buttons, two trigger buttons, A, B, X, Y, Select, Start and each of the thumb sticks can be pressed down as well. The thumb stick on my other controller was hard plastic and didn’t work all that well, this one works great. The silver buttons on the lower right side are stereo controls with volume, rewind, fast forward, and play. They’re nice as the volume buttons on my phone are in an awkward position when the phone is in it’s cradle.

    The cradle is really my only complaint about this model. For all of the faults that my cheaper, smaller controller has, the cradle holds my phone really well. In fact it will hold a galaxy mega really well. This one will fit a mega (even if it’s in a case) but it just doesn’t hold anything well. The grip has a rubber pad to help but it’s basically just a straight piece of plastic that’s slightly angled. It would be MUCH better if it was curved in (like my other cheaper controller).

    Overall I WOULD RECOMMEND this to anyone that plays regularly, and for long times, with normal to large hands but doesn’t want to pay the $80 you’ll pay for a MOGA controller.


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