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    Worth a try., December 2, 2014
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    Micro C.T.R.L.i Review

    I purchased this controller because I wanted to properly adapt my iPhone 6 into a gaming powerhouse. I don’t have a TV or gaming console, nor do I have a PC. Everything I have in terms of entertainment is encapsulated into a slick slab of aluminum, otherwise known as iPhone 6. I had already purchased and returned a Moga Rebel not too long ago as I wasn’t quite sold, especially given the price. After reading up on this Mad Catz option(Afterpad, ect), I decided to give it a shot.

    Let’s start with esthetics as there’s something of a big problem I need to get off my chest.


    I can not for the love of Zues understand why an electronics item I’ll be touching constantly was given a glossy finish. This seriously needs to stop and it’s a very strong negative in my view. The very fist time I cleaned the controller of fingerprints, I was presented with micro scratches galore. Thankfully, for my sanity, the bottom of the controller fairs much better as it displays a fine sandpaper like matte texture. This finish should’ve been applied in the front as well and showcases very good resistance against fingerprints, moister, and scratches. On top of this great functionally, I actually find the stealth look more appealing on purely esthetic grounds. Two birds with one stone as they say.

    Moving on from the main body, most of the bottoms are finished in a glossy black. The main cross of the d-pad and the rubber thumb rest are some exceptions. The pause button also calls for a special mention as it has a nice crystal glass finish. This flashiness can work in moderation to enhance the visual appeal. The power switch on the bottom and phone clip peg on the top are thankfully matte black.

    Besides the electronic specifications on the back and two branding graphics, the “MAD CATZ” lettering and signature claw marks, there’s not much else going on. The clip is glossy with rubber inserts where the phone’s placed but I’ll save most of the clip talk for later


    This controller comes in two sizes and their size differences turn out great for expanding customer choice while keeping down the waste and complications(business and end-user related). I went specifically for the micro version, not for cost or comfort but because I remember reading the sticks felt more responsive then its larger sibling, more on this later.

    My hand laid flat on the desk measures ~6.5″ across to the tip of my thumb and ~7.5″ to the tip of my middle finger. I can function all the controls easily and without crashing into myself. The layout and spacing is good for my hand size. Though I could see Playstation stick placement having a clearance problem, the sticks thankfully follow Xbox heritage, the winning layout IMO.

    Being what they claim as 20% smaller then its larger brother, leverage/grip and comfort take a hit. Long sessions have me stiffing up more so then with a larger controller like the Moga Rebel. It’s not enough of a issue where it would prevent me from continuing my session, hunger does that just fine on its own, but it’s worthy of a mention. Some might also feel the set up as quite top heavy but it’s not a large problem. A couple of my friends have already place it down with the controller flat on the table and let go. What ensues next is an issuing of the good old “O you :/” look as we witness the controller tip back and slam into the table. This should be a very simple avoidable situation as one would think that having felt the top heavy nature of the beast, others would be naturally inclined to set it down correctly. Friendship is compromise so they say.

    There are other nice advantages to the size that remind me of little quirks I had with the Rebel controller. There are times a game calls up the touch screen or I want to type when switching over to Safary. Having a phone mounted to a large gamepad limits ones ability to address those scenarios. It’s a nice surprise I find myself better able to address my quick urge to search up cat vids unhindered. Nothing like cute to make wrongs like a bad day at the job right. Cute is justice so 「 」 say.


    Where some controllers on the mobile gaming market use a internal rechargeable battery, this offering utilizes two AAA’s. There’s a cover on either side of the controllers handles that slides out to reveal the battery compartment. Each compartment comes with a ribbon used to make ejecting the battery a breeze, a nice touch indeed. The d-pad side compartment also has what I can best guess is a service USB type port.

    Allow me to put a little plug for one of the best products I’ve ever had the joy of purchasing AND using, eneloop. If you have anything that takes AA or AAA’s, I highly recommend you look up these rechargeable batteries. It’s very rare I purchase something and feel extremely please with the product…

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    I’m very pleased with the product, November 10, 2014
    Luke (California) –

    Received this and am using it with iPad Air and iPhone 6. I’m very pleased with the product. I grew up in a time when MadCatz made some fairly horrible controllers, but I’m happy to say that this one is high quality. The app that goes with it is simple and works great. I’ve tried playing a few games, including Bioshock and GTA San Andreas. The controller works very well. Pairing was easy. I wish developers would get on board with making more games compatible with MFI controllers. However, KOTOR, GTA, Final Fantasies, and Sonic the Hedgehogs alone are worth the purchase. I’d love to see this controller work for the N.O.V.A. series and Modern Combat, but alas, oh well. If you are wondering if you should buy it, wonder no more. It’s a great device at a much more reasonable price than other MFI controllers and it is actually better than any of them (I know, since I have bought other MFI controllers). Hopefully, the MFI support will start to take off. I think the price point of this controller may help that trend. If you are wondering, it holds my iPhone 6 even with a case on (Apple official leather case). Really there is no better MFI controller than this one, and since it is the most reasonably priced controller, it’s a no brainer. Already sold my Vita months ago, and this controller has put my 3DS on life support.


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