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    Its Good & Bad “UPDATED!”, April 11, 2013
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    This review is from: Mad Catz R.A.T.9 Gaming Mouse for PC and Mac (Personal Computers)
    While a being a geek at 50 with big and busted up hand, I needed a mouse that was comfortable, adjustable as well as programmable. In these areas, this mouse meets my expectations.

    You can buy any part for the mouse, However… The bad new is, You cant purchase the damn batteries!
    This mouse loves batteries and is the only small drawback of the actual product.

    The big downfall is the companies shortsightedness of allowing consumers who paid a large amount of money for their product the option to purchase extra batteries!

    If the batteries go bad and they will over time, They are forcing you spend all that hard earned cash to buy the complete mouse, Just to get the damn batteries!!

    To the people who decided not to make the batteries available for purchase, I hope you are reading this and all the others people’s reviews who are complaining about the same problem and make the batteries available for purchase.

    Would I recommend this mouse to anyone…. SADLY NO! Not until extra batteries are made available.

    This is a 5 star product but I’m only giving it 2 stars due to the inability to purchase spare batteries.

    UPDATE!!!! 4/26/13

    After submitting a support ticket at the manufactures website MADCATZ, I quickly received a reply assuring me that they DO SELL SPARE BATTERIES!

    They asked me to post the manufactures website where they are sold.

    If Amazon removes the link for any reason, GOOGLE, GAMESHARK R.A.T.9 Batterie SKU: RAT9BATTS/1120/1

    Make sure that the URL is STORE.GAMESHARK DOT COM. There are unrelated websites that are selling these for $45.00+ the correct price is $19.99. Don’t get ripped off!

    The store currently shows being sold out, However they tell me they have them for warranty purposes and are working to resupply the store. So keep checking, they will be available soon.
    They where also kind enough to ship me a spare set!

    Now that’s 5 STAR customer service!


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    The R.A.T. 9 is the best gaming mouse I’ve ever used., November 29, 2010

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    Copied from my review at […] -> I stand by everything I said there but thought I should post it here because I don’t see a RAT 9 review.


    For those of you unaware, the R.A.T. 9 is a 5600dpi wireless laser gaming mouse. It features an aluminum chassis and an impressive set of customizable features, including a movable palm rest, thumb rest, and a replaceable pinkie rest. It has 5 programmable buttons, a programmable thumb scroll and a precision aim button which can increase mouse sensitivity on the fly. Tack on the 4 dpi settings and 3 custom modes, as well as the weight kit and you have one impressive gaming mouse – on paper. But what’s it really like?
    Look and Feel
    The R.A.T. 9 looks simply amazing. It’s quite clear a lot of effort went into creating a true gamer’s mouse. The body is coated in soft touch black paint (a feature which even finds its way into every unnoticeable crevice) which seems to contrast it’s robotic design aesthetic. The build consisting of an aluminum chassis and quality plastic makes it feel incredibly solid while the PTFE feet help it glide smoothly over my SteelSeries 9HD pad. It’s not a light mouse by any means, but if you like some weight beneath your hand, this is the mouse for you.

    With all of the slideable and moveable parts, a common concern is how the mouse feels when they are all extended. If the palm rest is all the way back and the thumb rest is pushed all the way out, it seems like it would start to wobble and creak. However, even in this position, everything feels snug and secure. Despite the precision aim button being in a prime place to push the thumb rest back in with every use, my setting has stayed in place. Although the photos of the mouse make it look like the weight of your hand would torque and bend the individual pieces, upon holding the R.A.T. 9 it is immediately apparent that this is one of the most robust mice on the market. This mouse is as solid as they come.
    The two scroll wheels both feel great as well. The standard location scroll wheel is smooth and precise. It’s a bit soft for my tastes – I prefer the newer, clicky Logitech scroll wheels – but it gets the job done. The thumb wheel is a completely new tool for me – I haven’t seen it on a mouse before. Placed above the thumb buttons, it is out of the way but still very accessible. The scroll itself is solid, but not particularly clicky either. Here, the softness feels good, however, as it seems to be easy enough to scroll with a lateral thumb movement, but it won’t spin freely. I think this works really well, and I foresee getting a lot of use out of this wheel both in games and in day-to-day productivity.
    The buttons are all very clicky. The click of the center scroll wheel is great, the thumb buttons have good travel and the dpi rocker, despite being rather small, works exactly as it should. I found the right and left buttons to have a little less travel than I like, but I’m sure I’ll get used to this in time. One small problem I have is with the precision aim button. I find it takes a bit more pressure than it should to stay engaged. After the click there is a bit of travel, and at the less-pressed end of the path the button will work intermittently. You have to make sure it is pushed all the way down for consistency. However, it’s not so much pressure that it makes pushing any of the other buttons difficult, just more than I think is necessary.
    With the unique cybernetic look and a robustness and heft shared by few other mice, Cyborg has taken a stand on the importance of industrial design in mice, and it works beautifully. Thankfully its performance matches its outstanding looks.


    The R.A.T. 9 ships with a disc containing it’s mouse-programming software called “Smart Technology.” Not the best name out there, but the software is serviceable. You can easily map the 4 dpi settings and program actions or even macros to each button and the individual scroll wheels – 7 functions in all. Further, you can set up to three different modes, with an indicator for your current mode presented as a red, blue or purple Cyborg logo next to left mouse button. These modes allow you to switch between profiles on the fly depending on the game or application you are using. In a nice gesture, Cyborg has released two profile packs for use with the mouse for the most common games on the market today, and more will likely follow. You aren’t forced to use these profiles, but they can make setting up the mouse a lot easier.
    The biggest problem for me is that this mouse doesn’t have on-board memory. For most people, this won’t be an issue. What it does mean, however, is you have to make sure the computer you are working on has the Cyborg software installed to take advantage of these modes – unlike other mice, like the G9 which stores the profiles right on the mouse itself.
    All in all, the software required to set up…

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