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PlayStation 2 Memory Card (8MB)

Building a better system from the ground up sometimes involves digging into even the most mundane components. Take memory cards, for instance. To provide larger storage capacity and faster access rates–PlayStation2 memory cards transfer data 200 times faster than cards for the original PlayStation–PlayStation2 developers have upgraded the technology for the new memory card. The 8 MB Memory Card uses Flash Memory, the storage technology that’s revolutionizing handheld computers, digital cameras, and MP3 players. In contrast, the 128 KB memory cards that were designed for the original PlayStation use memory blocks. While large files can spill over several blocks, you can’t store more than one file per block in that design, no matter how small the file. The 8 MB Memory Card allieviates that problem by organizing and storing files much more like a computer hard disk.

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    Cheap Chinese Bootleg/Will not format, May 14, 2016

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    This review is from: PlayStation 2 Memory Card (8MB) (Accessory)
    Cheap knockoff that has the Sony official logo and copyright information printed on the packaging and the card it’s self. At first glance it looks like an official sony memory card but when you hold it up to compare it to an actual sony memory card you’ll noticed that the Playstation 2 logo looks kind of smeared/blurred, I took a picture and labeled it so you guys can see. The damn thing didn’t even work, my ps2 recognized that there was an unformatted memory card, but every time I would try to format it, it would fail.

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    Great Gift, December 1, 2016
    Melissa P. (Minnesota) –

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    This review is from: PlayStation 2 Memory Card (8MB) (Accessory)
    Off-brand memory cards don’t completely suck, unlike off-brand controllers. In my experience, they usually have some annoying quirk, ranging from one card that required its own boot disc to the more normal quirk of having a higher rate of data decay than a name-brand memory card. If your data is important, I would put it on a Sony memory card. If you’re broke and just need more temporary storage space, you can save a few bucks going off-brand. I have 3 PS2 memory cards, and one is off-brand…and has a corrupt file. I don’t even remember what the file used to be, but I can’t delete it, so that card is forever a little bit smaller than my other two. I also have a game that literally takes an entire memory card, and isn’t worth keeping the save after you beat the game. didn’t realize that some of the older PS2 games required a smaller memory card; however I ran into that issue with my daughters Kingdom of Hearts 2 game. The game would not save on a larger memory card; and so when I researched the card issue and the game, gamers said that it needed an 8 MB memory card in order to save the game data. I am so glad that I was able to purchase an 8 MB memory card just for this circumstance! Awesome and thanks!

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