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    2.0 out of 5 stars
    … am about 8 hours in after launch and already bored. Terrible spawn points, November 17, 2015
    Chris (Houston) –

    This review is from: Star Wars: Battlefront – Standard Edition – PC (Video Game)
    I had speculation during the beta and I am about 8 hours in after launch and already bored. Terrible spawn points, for a “Battle Front” there is no “Front” when you play the “Blast” mode (Team Deathmatch) there are people running around everywhere. Grenades going off everywhere. Its extremely chaotic. The infamous “Walker Assault?” I have yet to see a Rebel side win once. It is heavily stacked in the Empire’s favor. Dogfights are lame, controls terrible. Also the shooting, for having no recoil I find it really hard to sometimes hit anybody. Multiple times I turn a corner and run right into someone, we both shoot at each other at the same time. Sometimes I die in a single shot. Sometimes they die in 1 second. Somtimes we both run around missing until our weapons over heat, and sometimes I win by a sliver of health. I have no idea whats going to happen each time I engage a person. I mean my crosshairs on him, im strafing, im shooting. Nothing is happening. I am by no means a FPS noob. This style of game is just like what I play in COD. Run around the map with a SMG and shoot from the hip. Thats been a very successful play style for me that I prestiged multiple times in. But I have yet to figure out if you need to stagger or just hold down the fire button. I know a lot of guys say shoot from the hip in 3rd person on Youtube but I do a lot zooming in, I cant see anything unless I zoom. Some maps (like the jungle one in particular) you cannot see ANYTHING. That mixed with the random spawn on player respawns makes its total chaos. As I write this review only 8 minutes ago I was in a game. I spawned on top of a guy, he ran forward got shot from a stormtrooper from behind, I killed that stormtrooper, and another one shot me in the back. And this confusion happens all the time.

    I could have overlooked all this terrible gameplay. Just to be in the Star Wars universe. But this game has nothing that makes me want to hit level 50. Shadow troopers dont interest me. The customization is so weak. I mean if you could spend credits for different color armors and insignia’s. Maybe have a bunch of helmets and pauldrons to choose from, that would keep me going. You could easily still stay true to the SW Universe

    So short summary:

    CONS: Weak FPS/3rd person shooting mechanics. Lame customization. = No replay value.
    PROS: Even with my old rig from 2012 I can run this game at about 45-50 FPS on ULTRA. Game really does look great. But after you seen it for a few hours the reality sets in, as a game its not very fun. Graphics and sounds are awesome though. Maybe they should have made this into a scripted single player 3rd person shooter instead. Like Halo Reach or COD. Because they sure do have a lot of “Wow” moments.


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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Amazing Graphics, Mediocre Gameplay, November 17, 2015
    DICE (Texas, USA) –

    This review is from: Star Wars: Battlefront – Standard Edition – PC (Video Game)
    Overall, Star Wars Battlefront for me has just been an “OK” experience.

    The PROs:
    – Beautiful graphics and sound.
    – Vehicles can be fun and add another facet to master
    – Massive maps with a large multiplayer feel
    – Slit screen!
    – Seamless with very few apparent glitch or laggy areas even with the massive maps
    – Similar to original from the consoles
    – Cards and card upgrades are a decent idea

    – Repetitive: So far this game can be a bit repetitive with limited replay-ability… you do play either rebels, alliance, and sometimes a hero as well as have maps with multiple types of vehicles. The deluxe ed comes with a few extra items but overall there is a slightly limited amount of weapons and gear at this time. Not much itemized progression or awards at this time either but I’m sure there will be more additions soon.
    – Mechanics: Some of the mechanics are simple. In this game there are some maps with lots of AIs. There is no bullet drop (because they are lasers…) or leading targets, or spread differences when moving. It is still comparable to most shooters. At least headshots do way more damage.
    – Add-Ons: They plan to release around double the amount of maps than what they currently have, but it will cost a pretty penny (around $50).
    – Gameplay: Mostly online gameplay… which is why I bought it but I can see why some people will not like this.
    – 40 Player maps: Not a large con, the idea is amazing, but the execution in this game is pretty Chaotic.

    – Damage Alerts: There is no damage alert, your screen does not go red when low health, and there is no vibration or registration when you are being shot in game. If you are not watching your health or listening closely to your speakers… you won’t know you are being hit unless you are facing your target.

    OVERALL: Star Wars Battlefront is definitely a decent game. At this point of time though, pre-patch and updates, there seems to be some work needed with gameplay mechanics. I don’t think most would really regret buying it… but with the many decent games on the horizon, I feel it would be worth-while to hold out on it at this time.

    If I can answer any more of your questions please reply. Thanks


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    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Like trying to play an amazing photograph., November 17, 2015

    This review is from: Star Wars: Battlefront – Standard Edition – PC (Video Game)
    At first you begin playing this game and you don’t understand all the negativity from players in the Beta. It looks amazing, sounds amazing and it’s everything you wanted as a star wars fan. It feels like you are really in the Star Wars universe and offers many things I dreamed about getting to play as a little kid 30 years ago and I can’t be alone in that feeling.

    But the more you play the more you realize after seeing everything again and again – not matter how beautiful, you get a average shooter that gets old in under 10 hours. Limited guns, limited game modes that are interesting and there is a true lack of incentive to continue progressing. The hero system is interesting and it is fun to kill enemies so easily. But I don’t like how the system itself works- as in how it is delivered to players.

    Battlefront in like being trapped in a car while looking at the window at a tropical paradise and get excited wanting to experience it. You try to open the doors but they won’t open. You try to roll down the windows but they fail to work too. So you try to do your best and break the windows out with your elbows only to find they are made of bullet proof glass. So while the view is beautiful you will never be able to get your hands dirty or interact with it.

    That is Battlefront in a nutshell. A sight for the eyes but not for the brain. After you see everything enough, there is a good chance you get burn out more quickly than other shooters. My final opinion is there are too many shooters on the Market that just came out that offer far more.


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