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Firewatch Arrives this Month on Xbox One

One of the games of the year in a version of “enriched”

This was one of our favorite heart the beginning of the year in video games, and it is about to land on the Microsoft console in an enhanced version of some new.

Firewatch is primarily the story of two people who will build a strong relationship, very strong, without seeing, exchanging only by walkie-talkie. Fully seen in the first person, in the role of Henry, ranger summer 1989 Firewatch thus offers a rather short adventure, but intense, in which you go exploring a beautiful natural park in Wyoming, while talking to things more or less important with Delilah, a ranger working a little further. Via a clever dialogues system, it is quite possible to orient the relationship of the two characters in one direction or another, while a very clever script, playing on paranoia and pretense, just create a nice tension .

To convince you of the value of the security, please read the Chronicle game we have devoted to it upon its release. The good news of the day, for owners of Xbox One is that it comes on the Microsoft machine from 21 September, in an XXL version offering audio commentary developers and a “free” mode where the background can be explored fills the park, without having to worry about any scenario to follow. A priority, these additions will also be available on PC and PS4, but are temporarily exclusive to Xbox One.

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