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Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons PS4 review – brotherly love

One of the most emotionally touching indie games of the last gen is now on Xbox One and PS4, with the world’s only single-player co-op …

Wolfenstein: The New Order was one of our favourite games of last year, and we greatly look forward to whatever developer MachineGames does next. We mention this because most of the key staff at MachineGames used to work at Starbreeze Studios, best known for other narratively driven shooters such as The Chronicles Of Riddick and The Darkness. They left because of disagreement over EA’s 2012 reboot of Syndicate, and after that turned out badly we feared that Starbreeze must now be devoid of all their major talent. But Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons proves that is certainly not the case…

In gameplay terms Brothers has no obvious connection with any of Starbreeze’s previous titles, but once you’re told of the connection you can recognise a similarly bold approach to interactive storytelling.

Visually the game looks like an unofficial Fable spin-off and at first seems to have a straightforward fairy tale plot to match. You play as two brothers sent out into the fantasy world to find a cure for their dying father. There’s no dialogue though, or at least none you can understand, as everyone speaks in an invented gibberish language and there are no subtitles.

But thanks to the clever scene construction it is always very easy to understand what’s going on, as the game takes one step back from Nintendo’s insistence on no spoken dialogue to having no formal script of any kind. This immediately imbues the characters with more personality than any amount of clumsy dialogue and bad voice-acting could manage, while also personalising the experience for every player  … Read the full story

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