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Games Review: Kirby-Planet Robobot – 3DS

Kirby: Planet Robobot – Classic, but perfectly controlled …

Kirby, it’s like a candy. It’s colourful, it melts in the mouth and it delights the young and old and has been for almost a quarter century. After trying to propose alternative gameplay, the series finally came back to his first love in 2014 with Kirby: Triple Deluxe , shimmering and effective platform. Two years later, the little pink ball returns to Nintendo 3DS with two arguments: a robotic universe and gameplay in the same mold as the previous installment.

Robots Landed

Kirby robot planet screenshot 1If the franchise has managed to impose its gameplay and its people in the gaming culture, it is clear that it is a little less so its rarely scenarios developed. I must say that Kirby is part of the family Nintendo for the first time, where the stories of princesses and queens were valiant heroes as D’Artagnan. This new album, however, decided to shake up (some) habits of the series by incorporating a new force coming directly from heaven to Dream Land. The Haltmann society, grouped in a huge cold ship like death, has planted its feet in the ground Pop fertile planet .

Kirby robot planet screenshot 2Seeing these newcomers threaten the balance of their world, the eternal enemies of Kirby trying to repel the invader leaves to ally against the threat. Despite their combined efforts, Meta Knight and King Dedede fail and Haltmann installs its robots everywhere on the planet. It was enough to awaken our beloved pink ball that decides to take matters in hand. This is where our story begins, in the Plain Pixel to serve as a world first. As usual, the Kirby scenario will slowly unfolded with small events every five or six levels . The rest of the time it will stay behind in order to emphasize the gameplay is clearly the spearhead of this franchise.


Kirby robot planet screenshot 3Pixel plain, Road Network, Ocean Optics, Giga Generator, such are the high-tech worlds that await you in this production. They are obviously each divided into five levels that travel in a little less than ten minutes, the ideal time to have a good time without being tired . The whole dynamic is through internships alternating between phases of platforms Level Design classic, but convincing, and more specific steps. You come and browse through the levels by controlling two Kirby at once or on a small ship. Everything is very handy, although admittedly some inaccuracies with the stick of 3DS (ideally play with the directional pad).

Kirby robot planet screenshot 4But your main aim is to reach the end of each level, taking care to pick the three hidden CubaCodes in environments. For this, our hero is therefore apparent signature ability that consists of drawing an enemy to steal some of his powers. You will therefore understand, Planet Robobot is not to revolutionize the formula, but put on a perfectly mastered classicism that will promise you a dozen hours of single player and perhaps a little more for completionnistes. You can imagine all the same, it is not a simple rehash of the album Triple Deluxe. A unique component has indeed enriched and fundamentally change the game play.

This novelty is the armor. Accessible in places of adventure, it allows our protagonist to turn into real Mecha armed to the teeth. This has the effect of multiplying the pleasure since the sensations offered by the robot are different from bare Kirby. We have to deal with a much more brutal game play and maybe even a little too simple that sometimes down to darken in straight to crush all dissenting in its path. Where the armour makes sense, it is the turn of some puzzles that you can solve that with the power of a robotic arm.

Kirby robot planet screenshot 5 Kirby robot planet screenshot 6

A great novelty that is certainly not revolutionary, but supply and integrated into the game world to great effect. Indeed, even dons his armour, our hero can suck enemies to take different forms. We regret however that the latter are quite limited in number since we do expect a dozen, while the base Kirby at least twice more possibilities. Regarding the changes in themselves, we are dealing with a patchwork mixing old and new. Thus, if certain classic shapes are back with a set of technical virtually unchanged, others such as Doctor or Poison form appeared. The possibilities are so large and the very different experiences of each other. Indeed, each transformation offers a range of very specific and often generous shots. It is not uncommon to launch more than five techniques with a single form. Although this is a solo game and therefore this is a less damaging default, it should be noted that certain transformations are much stronger than others to the point that you possibly forsake some.


Kirby robot planet screenshot 7Let’s finish this overview of the gameplay by small bonuses, perks that are not essential, but quite addictive. It is possible to customize your armor by stapling it hidden stickers here and there throughout the levels. More or less easy to find and more or less successful, they will also empochables via a mini-game of Completion who asked to be particularly reactive. These small purely cosmetic elements therefore boost lifespan by pushing the player to go to some new worlds. Catch them-all! But in addition to the dozen hours promised by the main adventure Kirby, a second accessible mode after finishing the latter will allow you to relive the events with Meta Knight’s hands .

Secondly, we have the right to two additional mini-games coming again extend the lifespan of the game. On the one hand, we Kirby in 3D that provides a suite of small levels in which our hero must eliminate all the enemies to create combos and pocketing maximum points. On the other, is offered a multiplayer mode called “Attack of Kirby.” Playable up to four (with friends or computers), it allows you to compose a squad by choosing from the following classes: swordsman, warrior hammer, mage and healer. Contrary to what you proposed Triple Deluxe in its multiplayer mode, it will not matter to kill, but to unite to try to defeat big bosses who force you to play as a team. These two modes are far from extraordinary, but still a solid alternative that will offer you a few extra hours of fun once the adventure complete.


Again, the key word in this is classic Kirby. In the vein of its predecessor on 3DS , this sequel offers a decent graphics quality childlike and colourful style . The animations are good, the graphics rendering is good. It is not through the roof, but we must recognize that everything is perfectly suitable. You can imagine, most of the regulars of the franchise will not buy this album with the expectation of 4K, but will hope rather careful art direction.

On this point, no worries, Kirby: Planet Robobot features traditional colorful dress, soft and sweet that is quickly becoming an essential component of the series. As Triple Deluxe, this episode will take you through a variety of landscapes always nice to go . Very nice casino inside the vessel Haltmann through the spaghetti western (with real bottom spaghetti), you are not likely to complain of monotony sets and this is what was expected a Kirby.

  • A still as addictive gameplay …
  • A period of consistent life through numerous modes
  • Visually successful levels
  • The many Kirby transformations
  • The armor, interesting mechanics
  • … But very close to that of the previous game
  • A small problem of handling the joystick
  • Finally some news

Without taking a lot of risks, developers Hal Laboratory birth again a very solid production. This Kirby: Planet Robobot is perfectly conventional in its construction, but offers equally perfect gameplay and devilishly catchy. Mastered from start to finish and has an artistic direction always mesmerizing, this new album will please not hesitate to aficionados of the franchise since it is based essentially on what made the success of its predecessor. Add to that a generous life and exemplary gameplay (with the cross) and you get a new achievement for the little Kirby. On the day of reckoning, so we are conquered again, but be careful however not to rely on the same formula too long …

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