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How to Manually Save your Game in God of War

God of War has become the fastest-selling entry in the series ever after its release at the end of last week.

The game has already proven to be a big hit with players and critics and many players are already making progress through the story. There are some tough opponents and challenges within the game and players will want to make sure their progress is saved in case they get into any trouble.

Unfortunately it’s not always easy to know when your game last did an auto-save of your progress but the good news is that there is a way that you can save the game yourself.

God of War by Ubisoft
God of War by Ubisoft

How to manually save your game in God of War

In the new God of War game your progress will be saved automatically as you progress. The autosave feature triggers quite frequently and usually happens when you reach certain checkpoints within the game.

If you want to make sure that your current progress is definitely saved then there is an alternate way that you can manually trigger a game save.

The way to do this is by entering the game menu by selecting the options button or the touchpad on your controller. From here you should press triangle which will take you to the main systems menu.

You can then scroll down to where it says save and once you select this you will have the option to create or overwrite a game save.


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