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Review: War Tortoise – A turtle slaughter

Accustomed games on smartphones and tablets, the developers at Foursaken Media propose a new title for the least original. Mix of game shooting and Tower Defense , War Tortoise is all about animals armed to the teeth and determined to do battle with a turtle extraordinary. But a good idea is not always a great play.


Screenshot of war tortoise on the iOS
A full compliment of weapons

At the controls of a giant turtle, taking advantage of its hard shell and additional armor, the aim of War Tortoise is simple: resist as long as possible to wave after wave of enemies of all kinds. The task is far from obvious because the turtle is still and the assailant quickly become more while gaining power . Each enemy shot brings money and allows to go to the store to buy new weapons there. Thus, machine gun, sniper or mortar are in the game. The turtle itself may also be changes in gradually increasing its health or armor.Finally, additional units are available for purchase, the battlefield will be overrun with mice or assault bees. Each weapon or unit can be improved to increase its scope, frequency range or even its reload speed. The shop is the cornerstone of the game, it is necessary to go there as often as possible to bring weapons or allies level, otherwise it is unthinkable to move forward effectively.

Screenshot of the targeting system, War Tortoise
The targeting system is very simple

In addition, the controls are proving very simple since it is sufficient to position the crosshair over an enemy machine gun so does the rest. It is the same for all weapons, unlike that sometimes maintain the target in the viewfinder of a few seconds to the time the shot is taken. While some enemies are very mobile, War Tortoise is then accessible shooter or too much. Besides, the title leaves no room for chance and a turtle with insufficient equipment will have no chance, despite all the good will that could be put there. The only difficulty lies in the choice of the arsenal to use.Indeed, the most powerful weapons have only a few munitions and require between thirty and sixty seconds to be recharged. So do not panic when enemies get too many and sparing use of the weapons in question, so that they are always operational if a high-level attacker appears in the distance at the next wave . If one fails to remove the creature quickly enough, the game can end in a moment, the allies are generally ineffective at long range.

Screenshots of the game War Tortoise Screenshots of the game War Tortoise


War Tortoise on iOS screenshot
Bosses do not bring anything innovative

The part in as long as it remains alive, the waves of enemies succeed and unfortunately end up becoming very repetitive.No particular event comes energize the fighting, most enemies are alike also much about their mode of attack. We must therefore take his pain with patience and defend its position, body and soul, without any clearly defined goal , so as to bind levels. While environments vary regularly and we spend such an arid desert in a snowy clearing, there is no real logic between these transitions and it is difficult to understand where Tortoise War is coming.After a start which is loosely, it takes several tens of minutes to the fighting gain in intensity: the battlefield fills gradually allies and enemies become more numerous with each wave. Bosses sometimes punctuate the progression, but only if we agree to face them. No surprise either, it is usually a mundane enemy with better armor and a greater fire power. Once again, we can not overcome if one has a sufficiently improved equipment.

Screenshot of the game War tortoise on the iOS
The parties are slow to start

Starting from a good idea to revive the interest in the game even after many hours, the generation system produces the opposite effect. There is the possibility, once one has reached specified levels, to develop our turtle so that it become globally more powerful than the enemies relate larger amounts of money when killed. The problem is that once the generation, we must start all over again. It is sometimes very long gaming sessions that fly away and never seem to move forward . Moreover, the transition to new generations is often required when you begin to encounter much resistance from the enemy and we do not have enough money to upgrade weapons. The operation is useful if we want to increase our record levels, but also proves very frustrating. The automatic combat mode is as welcome as it allows to let the game take care only of the least formidable enemies of the party starts, before leaving us again hand when things get complicated.

The Conclusion


  • The different environments …
  • Numerous weapons, allied units and improvements


  • … But not really consistent with each other
  • To be repeated
  • The lack of attractive targets
  • The generation system that requires starting over
  • The waiting time after each defeat

War Tortoise fails to convince, both in its appearance shooter game that tower defense. Indeed, the waves of enemies that must face are connected and are similar, making it very repetitive basis. Moreover, it takes far too long before the fighting started to gain in intensity due to the presence of many units and enemies on the ground. The objectives, unattractive since they consist mostly to achieve a particular level, do not allow either to give a semblance of dynamism to the parties. Yet the game has strengths, unfortunately too few, eg endless options to customize the arming of the turtle or the allies that it is possible to invoke. The model Free to play the title also reveals binding, the time between each game after a defeat systematically increasing up to several hours.

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