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Smite: War of the Gods – Xbox One

Dota 2 and League Of Legends might not be on consoles, but this free-to-play deity-themed MOBA is the next best thing.

We can’t imagine League Of Legends or Dota 2 ever appearing on consoles. Maybe if Microsoft gets serious about its mouse and keyboard support for the Xbox One you might see it happen, but the most famous MOBA games just aren’t designed around the typical home console set-up. But that doesn’t mean the whole genre has to remain PC-only, and this free-to-play effort works particularly well.

Gaming’s love of acronyms and initialisms is well known, and we’ve become increasingly irritated lately at the increased use of the words PvP and PvE, instead of the far more sensible terms of single-player, co-op, and competitive. But some people are just determined to make gaming as inaccessible as possible, the sort of people that invent a genre name like MOBA – which stands for the almost meaningless ‘multiplayer online battle arena’. The far more descriptive name of action real-time strategy (ARTS) is, predictably, used much less often.

There have been a few MOBA games that work perfectly well on consoles already (Awesomenauts is probably our favourite) but Smite is immediately more suitable because it’s played from a behind-the-shoulder viewpoint, instead of a top-down zoomed out camera. But unlike hybrid games such as Battleborn, Smite still plays exactly like a traditional MOBA: control a single, upgradeable hero who’s trying to destroy the other team’s base with the help of computer-controlled grunts … Read the full story

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