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Test: Resident Evil 4 HD: The best version on consoles?

That the development of Resident Evil 4 was tormented mildly. Just like Resident Evil 2 , dropped to a finalized version to 65%, the title was changed several times before seeing the day on Gamecube . Designed by the father of the series, Shinji Mikami , has been the subject of a temporary exclusive on the console Nintendo , before being adapted on PlayStation 2 . For many, Resident Evil 4 is the quintessential game of share, while causing the survival horror to a level rarely reached. Beautiful to die for, with a captivating storyline and designed with a torrid pace, the adventure of Leon Kennedy literally knocked the industry upon its release. In recent months, the saga of Capcom has been an avalanche of remastering and Resident Evil 4 is timely therefore to end the wave of portages. With the weight of age, Mikami game is still as fantastic? Response in the test which follows.

Resident Evil 4 Screenshot

Six years have passed since the atomization of Racoon City and Leon S. Kennedy is no longer a police blue. At 27, the hero has gained recognition and became one of the best secret agents of the US government. The President’s daughter, Ashley Graham, is kidnapped by a small group and the only hope of the father of the girl is given the task to the survivor of Racoon. His investigations lead him in full Spanish outback in a village lost in the depths of a forest. Then accompanied by two local policemen, he will quickly realize the immensity of the task at hand …

New with the Old

Resident Evil 4 screenshot
Some sequences are unforgettable, as this fight against the creature of the lake.

If there’s one thing we can take from Resident Evil 4 is its atmosphere. By reinventing the series, the developers have made the bet to replace the zombies by villagers to the rites of another time and the recipe works immediately. In terms of pace and direction, Resident Evil 4 is still taking and not bored for one second, as the characters, the anthology sequences and screenwriting changes are linked. At the time, the encounter with indigenous village laid the new foundation of the saga: decorations in real 3D (rather than fixed), more open environments, referred to the shoulder and perfect balance between action and survival horror. We had the feeling that all the elements were refined to the extreme. Today, the whole is less spectacular and you can get an impression of “partitioning”, the fault to some small extent places. To this must be added vintage textures (yes, smoothed but time anyway) and a persistent aliasing which demonstrates a certain laziness on the part of Capcom. But the biggest “shock” unquestionably has the maneuverability of the game. The movements and the targeting system really breathe lapse. Besides the impossibility of running pulling, you really have to fight with the camera in the hot moments and Leon constantly feel like a broom stuck in the ground. We need a little time to adapt, including for people who have discovered the game in 2005, but the effort is worth it. The turn is, however, damn useful, especially against creatures like El Gigante.

An exceptional Game

Evil dead 4 screenshot
Ashley was kidnapped for unknown reasons. To you to shed light on this strange small group. Who are they ? What do they want?

Arriving on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One , Resident Evil 4 also has the good sense to provide fluidity at all times (60 frames per second), while eradicating the original loads. Everything is instant – almost – and that comfort is a plus. Side options, we also appreciate the ability to disable motion blur. These are just details but these adjustments allow the game not to rail against her wrinkles. Despite his wanderings, the title of Capcom remains an indispensable and one can only envy the players that have ever done and who will discover its best. The Illuminados, gigantic boss, charismatic characters … Mad Leo adventure you reserve sacred surprises. And if the solo is not enough, know that all the additional content (remastering old) are present. Thus, apart outfits and new weapons, you can let off steam in The Mercenaries mode, which is to knock the villain in arenas, or try the ultimate difficulty setting. After fifteen hours on the single player mode, you can also indulge in the mission assigment Ada. All these goodies will not change the face of the game but they complement a main story unforgettable.


  • An exceptional game remains an exceptional game
  • Pace and direction
  • L’ambiance ultra immersive
  • 1080p and 60 frames per second


  • The party at the aliasing
  • gameplay outdated
  • Textures of another era
  • Necessarily less spectacular

Unless you have a CRT television, revive Resident Evil 4 on GameCube (or PlayStation 2) is not given to everyone. For a small price, you can (re) discover the bomb Capcom, while enjoying the 1080p and perfect fluidity. While it is undeniable that the game has aged technically, he keeps to himself a great atmosphere, grandiose battles, and a plot that does not fail to rebound. His sense of rhythm and his narrative shows that the title was truly ahead of his time. For this port, we would have liked a greater lift and the presence of anti-aliasing but it is definitely the best console adaptation to date.Therefore, if you have never done or want to rediscover this myth of survival horror, do not choosy and conquer the secret of Illuminados.

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