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Video Game Test. Armored Warfare, a Free “shielded” Game of Good Intentions

Since February 20, the strategic hit Armored Warfare (PC) is also available on PlayStation 4. A hundred tanks are waiting for you, in this “free to play”!

On PS4 . Originally released on PC in 2015, the wargame Armored Warfare finally arrives on PlayStation 4 . The good news is that it retains its economic model: free for all!

In Armored Warfare , in a dystopian future, the player embodies a mercenary commander who, at the head of his armored armada, will go on different missions around the world. From the African desert to the icy expanses of Russia, the game takes you around the world.

You can go to the front with the orders of more than a hundred different vehicles, from the 50s to today. From the light scout to the massive tank, these tanks are divided into five categories. Thus, fans will find the famous German Leopard, the formidable Russian T-72 AV, or the American M1 Abrams.

Tank there is life …

Armored Warfare is therefore a multiplayer strategy game. A title that has already been adopted by more than 10 million fans worldwide, just on PC! Suffice to say that this version PS4 opens new perspectives for this serious challenger of the famous World of Tanks .

The game offers to make missions in Player against Player (or PvP … Up to 30 participants) or Player against Environment(JCE, in other words against Artificial Intelligence).

And if you’re looking for a more spicy challenge, the game also embodies the popular global operations mode . In this mode, several factions are released on the map: two human opponents, but also AI teams (artificial intelligence) who come to play the spoilsport. You will then have to repel the attacks of the computer, praying that your human opponents will not take advantage of it to gain the advantage.

Blind … your strategy!

Russia, Africa, in the city or in the desert ... A dozen cards will be your playground
Russia, Africa, in the city or in the desert … A dozen cards will be your playground (© my.com)

Do not be fooled: if the game gives you control of gear capable of destroying everything under their tracks, true rollers, the most profitable approach will be the strategy.

So, before starting a game, be sure to choose the type of vehicle that will allow you to play in a balanced team; it takes everything to make a good squad, heavy tanks, but also scouts, machine gunners …

Similarly, the game allows you to customize your vehicles, so feel free to improve them as soon as possible! This is one of the keys to success, and increased resistance on the ground.

Finally, use and abuse Wildcards points , which will allow you to call for valuable reinforcements in full game. Like reconnaissance drones, even bombers who will pass to “clean” the battlefield.

A game that technically dates

Before diving into the big bath, a passage through the training ground is welcome
Before diving into the big bath, a passage through the training ground is welcome (© level-1.fr)

The main criticism that can be made to this Armored Warfare is his technique, which begins to date. The CryEngine engine is sometimes sluggish, especially when it comes to displaying certain textures. The different tanks are very successful and detailed … The decorations are often very much less.

Similarly, on a so-called “classic” PS4 (the model preceding the PS4-Pro optimized 4K), the game suffers from more or less pronounced bugs depending on the map or the number of things displayed on the screen. Elements that appear or disappear before your eyes, a blur more or less pronounced in the background …

For who ? This is a thorny question: to which audience is intended Armored Warfare ? Because the opinions diverge on this point: the videos of the publisher classify PEGI 12 (from 12 years) when the PlayStation Store displays it as PEGI 7. And if we must decide, we will follow the opinion of My .com (from 12 years old). Not that the game is too violent, even shocking (this is clearly not the case) … But simply because its aspect “strategy game” does not seem suitable for a too young audience. In the presence of an adult, a child of 12 years can more easily approach the tactical aspect of the game. Which will not be the case of a child too young.

A free game, with micro-transactions

Armoured Warfare will take you in different arenas
The game will take you to different arenas (© My.com)

The strength of Armored Warfare is to be a free-to-play game . In other words, it is free (to download on the PlayStation Store), and it is not necessary to subscribe to any subscription to play it.

However, it is possible to improve the game by using micro-transactions. On the online store, it is indeed possible to buy packs with variable contents. These will allow you to get virtual currency in the game, premium gear, ranks …

But these packs represent a cost, the most prestigious ( Mercenary legend ) being displayed at 99.99 €. And if their content will really boost your game, these packs are fortunately optional . And the game is playable without resorting to this help.

In conclusion

Despite a technique that begins to date, Armored Warfare is doing well! My.com and Obsidian manage to offer us (the game being free, it is the case to say it) a title which becomes quickly taking. With its huge catalog of machines and its very advanced strategic aspect, AW becomes an indispensable on PS4 .

Especially since it is also based on a strong community of players. In other words, you should not have a problem meeting friends or opponents for your online games. Last but not least: My.com is known to be attentive (and responsive) to the feedback of the players. Also, it is likely that the game continues to evolve in the coming months …

The +:

  • A large catalogue of vehicles
  • Captivating missions
  • We must think to prevail
  • The game is free

The – :

  • A technique that dates a little
  • Finally, few game modes
  • Some bugs
  • Load times a little long

By Obsidian Entertainment for My.com , available on PC and now on PlayStation 4. From 12 years old. The game download is free , and without subscription (with micropayments). To download it, it’s happening here .

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