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Video Game Test – God of War: Blessed be the New Adventure of Kratos

In the new God of War, exclusive to PlayStation 4, the fearsome warrior Kratos sets out to conquer a distant kingdom with his son Atreus. We are close to perfection.

More than three million copies sold worldwide in just three days: a record and a master stroke for Sony , with this new God of War , developed by Santa Monica studios, exclusive to the  Playstation 4.

Big, heavy, huge video game. A title already unavoidable, which is unanimously in the specialized press, which does not hesitate to give him ratings of 20 out of 20. So perfect that God of war? 

Perfection is never in men, but sometimes in their intentions. Except that here we do not talk about men. But god. More precisely, Kratos, a demi-god warrior, who this time has to bring his wife’s ashes to his haven of peace. While teaching his son to live, to fight, to survive.

Needless to say, it was highly anticipated, this ”  God of War 4″ ! After a God of War Ascension , in 2015 on PS3, which had disappointed the fans, the team led by Cory Barlog made a clean sweep of the past, and revived his series on new bases. The scenery is total with these Scandinavian mountains (Kratos having decimated the Greek pantheon, it is a new playground) … 
But the change is also in the playability of the title: formerly very oriented “arcade”, it takes today action-RPG paces with its chests to find, its areas to explore (it is now played a bit like a The Legend of Zelda ). This God of War is full of surprises!

An initiatory journey

The game starts on the nose with scenes of rare intensity. Emotions first, which take the guts when father and son say goodbye to the beloved mother.

It is the beginning of a very intense initiatory journey between a thick-bred father and his son with soft leather.

God of War Screenshot
God of War Screenshot

All remains to be done for Atreus : learn how to shoot with his father, learn to hunt. It hurts for him when he must put to death his first prey that dies at his feet. We hesitate like him. We sympathize, like him.

My father this hero

His father will help him to carry the stab, fatal. Dryly, without expressing any emotion. Because Kratos is a warrior, brought up the hard way. This is how he will continue the education of Atreus throughout the adventure.

Little by little, and especially by the force of things Atreus , learns to fight. He becomes an important ally for his father when it comes to facing the dangerous creatures that get in his way. You improve the weapons and skills of Kratos, those of his son too, with the elements you collect while advancing in the game. It’s classic, like many other games of the same kind.

God of War combat
God of War combat screenshot

Beyond the scenes of combat that punctuate this adventure through mountains and imaginary worlds, it is the father and son relationship that is essential. A father who will tell his son to progress, rather than accept his apology after a failure. If Kratos is so hard, it is because he knows that the hardships that await him will be formidable and that he will not have the right to make mistakes if he wants to get out of it.

“You’re not ready,” he repeated to him unceasingly at the beginning of the adventure. But a terrible fighter burst very quickly, at the beginning of the game and disrupts the plans of the big Kratos . We will not spoil this moment, but it sums up all the intensity of the game by itself. The passage of the progression of the warrior to scenes of kinematics of very very high flight. The return to the joysticks is made through perfectly controlled transitions.

God of War hunting
God of War hunting screenshot

To put it simply, everything is mastered in this new God of War, exclusive to PS4. The scenario that takes you to the guts, without giving you a break. The few times you will feel a bit of weariness, because the story seems to trample or you think you have already done the trick, an event will come to revive everything in the game.

A puzzle sometimes

Side tests, it is often necessary to think to cross certain caps in the adventure: but each time, when you really think to have made the turn and that the desperation awaits you, the solution is offered. Everything is expertly dosed in God of War.

We would have liked a more open world

Sometimes, we would still want to go out of the game to escape to a more open world. But the well-framed progression has the merit of not letting you go astray in ancillary missions and thus keep you well immersed in the main adventure.

God of War review on the PS4
God of War – Screenshot

If it were necessary to evoke some flaws not to speak of absolute perfection, one would put forward two hot impressions. That the authors have put the package in the beginning of the adventure (scenario and special effects), just to put you in full view of the game, even if let the mayonnaise fall slightly afterwards.

This can end up giving an impression of déjà vu, as one progresses in the game. But that does not detract from this masterful work. God of War makes, without any possible discussion, part of the essential games on PlayStation 4.


God of War is an excellent game, full of good intentions. Alas, it also has its small imperfections that spoil the party: a second half of adventure that falls into the “classic”, “quick trips” that last for lead, a father-son link that we would have liked more deep … 

Nevertheless, the title has something to surprise you on all floors: beautiful graphics and the whole story which is only one shot sequence (a real technical feat), many objects to find, Armor and weapons to customize … Like his main character, the license has become more adult (without losing his passion). Strongly following!

God Of War. A game edited by Sony Interactive Entertainment and developed by Santa Monica Studios. Exclusively on PS4. Pegi 18. Price found: around 55 euros/ 50 Dollars

God of War on the Playstation 4
God of War on the Playstation 4

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