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Video Game Test – Resident Evil 2: The Remake of a Deadly Game

Capcom releases a remake of the cultured Resident Evil 2. More than four million copies sold in a month. Sublime. Scary. Horrible. Deadly !

On PS4, XBox One and PC. Let’s say it clearly, from the outset: sentient souls, abstain. Generally, we know where we put our feet, when we swing a slab called Resident Evil in his game console, to play a DVD or start a video game.

Nevertheless, even if we know what to expect, we must hang on in this new adventure, which is in fact a remake of the Resident Evil of 1998 and sold nearly five million copies.

Resident Evil 2 (© Capcom)
Resident Evil 2 (© Capcom)

“Horror reigns in the small town of Raccoon City. In the streets roam cohorts of zombies. What happened ? Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy are on site, determined to help the few survivors and understand what may have happened here.”

Needless to say, Capcom is even better, twenty years later, to inflict the scare of your life in front of your screen.

Beware of zombies …

We find Claire and Leon , the two heroes of the story, in a game of survival horror type , left to themselves and having to survive in the city of Raccoon City , invaded by zombies.

You have the impression of being in front of a horror movie on TV. Except that here, you can not close your eyes waiting for the poor innocent victim on the screen half-open the door in front of her, at the risk of being attacked by horrible monsters, half-men half-mutants …

Kill or run

Here, it is you who do everything, since you play the main character of the story. With limited means. You may have a gun to knock out the zombies that fall on you, ammunition is very rare. So, it is often wiser to flee …

Kill or run, you do not have many other issues in this game where everything is calculated to the millimeter to make you have nightmares, once under the duvet …

Death on the trail

The music is agonising, the atmosphere is oppressive, the universe is dark and creepy. You walk in inhospitable corridors, worse, in filthy sewers, with a flashlight in your hand to distinguish what is happening in front of you. And around you …

RESIDENT EVIL 2 screenshot
RESIDENT EVIL 2 screenshot

Undead are coming from everywhere. They are not where you expect them, but rush to you when you think less about them. Doors slam on the floors of the devastated police station in which you try to survive. Dull noises escape from the walls. Living dead people hit the windows of the few windows still intact.

In front of this zombie who seems to want to meet you, what are you doing? You have the option to open the window. But if you do, do you have enough bullets to kill the monster that will jump on you?

Undead everywhere in Resident Evil 2
Undead everywhere in Resident Evil 2

Go out ? It may be safer to stay indoors, a safe minimum? Life is a matter of choice, death too!

Run, run away to survive. The concept is clear, but frustration can sometimes happen in this Resident Evil remake. Because today, in most games open or semi open world of this type, when you shoot at an enemy and we run, we can also climb a car that blocks the path, jump over a hole, hang on a wall to cross it.

Here, it is not the case. Even if the possibilities of approaching the adventure are vast, the paths are well delimited and there is no question of making madness of their bodies to your heroes. You are not in Far Cry or Just Cause 4.

Resident Evil 2 (© Capcom)

One can not help but make the comparison with another reference of survival horror gameWhen we remember The Evil Within , the nightmares resurface. It’s a good sign when we talk about horror games!

More than four million copies sold in a month

So yes, we advise you Resident Evil 2 if you like to have the sphillometer to zero. If you like to feel the throbbing with a presence in your back. In short, if you like sensations and video games to take your breath away.

Resident Evil 2, the cult series continues
Resident Evil 2, the cult series continues

The cult saga continues to be talked about. The latter RE2 has been sold to over four million copies worldwide.

Convenient. Resident Evil 2 is a third-person survival horror type video game developed and published by Capcom. On PCPlayStation 4  and  Xbox One . Price found: around 50 euros. Audience: over 18 years old.

Resident Evil 2 Remake (© Capcom)


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