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Video Game Test: TT Isle of Man, The Motorbike Game for the Furious

With TT Isle of Man, get your ride on a race bike on one of the most dangerous circuits in the world.

On PS4, Xbox One and PC. We’re not going to go all four ways, TT Isle of Man first unseated us, with a view from “above”, a 80s arcade game that did not give us any feeling of speed or even piloting. An uncontrollable bike out of turn, which went into a spin at the slightest acceleration recovery. And an artificial intelligence that seemed very fanciful …

But that was before. Before we go into simulation mode, we really put ourselves in the driver’s seat, lying on the bike, well behind the bubble. And there, it became GRAN-DI-OSE!

Feelings close to reality

Your tester, here, spends almost as much time on his bike (Bandit 650) as his console and confirms that the sensations on TT Isle of Man – Ride on the edge are very close to reality (even if has never done the Isle of Man !).


The accelerations are dazzling, the top speed sticks to the seat, you feel even the pressure of the air against the helmet! The decelerations are well translated too. You will spin if you put too much gas at the exit of turns … In short, the simulation is very successful, perfectly dosed.

At the bottom the joysticks

Gameplay side? The challenge of getting gamers-bikers around the world on the legendary Isle of Man circuit was a big one .But the result is up to it. 60 km of bitumen to swallow the joysticks. About 250 turns to follow. The meter hand that displays 300 in the most beautiful straight lines, inevitably there will be falls!

Death on the turn

Fortunately, we are not in real life. Not to say the real death, waiting for you at the turn. After a bowl, you get up and go again to continue your crazy race against time. But you lose valuable seconds anyway.

TT Isle of Man - Ride on the Edge. A gap on the road at full speed and it is the fall
TT Isle of Man – Ride on the Edge. A gap on the road at full speed and it is the fall (© L’Echo de l’Argoat)

The opportunity to remember that this circuit of the Isle of Man is the most dangerous in the world, with many accidents every year during the competition. Unfortunately all drivers who lose control of their machine on this race do not get up …

The impression of speed is all the greater as you ride on the roads that go around the Isle of Man. Which means that you shave, at full speed, walls, sidewalks, ditches, stone curbs, houses also in villages that you cross full ball. As every detail counts, you will even have the right to mosquitoes, which come gradually dirty the bubble of your motorcycle. Not enough to scare the furious you are!

A demanding driving

You will have the right to grill a few stops but, against the English roundabout at the end of the course, it will negotiate, otherwise the right will make you a nice glide. TT Isle of Man is a challenging driving game, which will need to lift the trigger a little to decelerate, before approaching a turn, to restart the machine once out. Braking will also be necessary to cross a few baffles or not to hit the bikes of your competitors that you catch or that overtake you.

In short, the game does not leave you much respite and requires attention to any test to complete, in the first attempts, the tour of the island in about 25 minutes. Then the challenge will be to improve your time. You will get there by refining your driving and by making scouting on the circuit to better negotiate difficulties.

The developers have thought of proposing other circuits, shorter than the tour of the island. But apart from practicing a little or changing your mind, you do not really see the point. Because as long as you go on the Isle of Man , you get the hang of it on the legendary circuit … 600 CBR, Triumph Daytona, YZF … you just have to choose the bike of your dreams and take your ticket direction the Isle of Man, between England, Scotland and Ireland.

Two flats anyway. The controller trembles on certain events of the race, but one could have imagined additional indications, for example in limit of adhesion in braking or exit of turn, to avoid, perhaps, some falls in extremis. And the price a bit (too) high anyway, despite the very good quality of the game: sixty euros at the launch.

Information: TT Isle of Man. A motorcycle racing game developed by Kylotonn Games and published by BigBen Interactive. On PS4, XBoxOne and PC. Price found: between 50 and 60 euros. The images in this article are screenshots made during our test of the game on PS4.

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