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Zombi review – U don’t need a GamePad

The Wii U’s 18-rated launch game comes to Xbox One and PS4, but does Ubisoft’s survival horror hold up without the GamePad gimmicks?

The Wii U may not have been a great sales success but it has easily the best line-up of exclusive games of any of the current consoles. Inevitably few of those are launch titles, but one of the best to be released alongside the console itself was from Ubisoft – not Nintendo. ZombiU made excellent use of the GamePad’s unique features but those gimmicks were only the icing on top. And this new remake proves that the cake beneath has real meat to it, figuratively speaking.

Despite what it looks like Zombi is not a first person shooter. And that’s even ignoring the fact that ammo is in such short supply that you rarely get to use a gun anyway. Instead, this has much more in common with old school Resident Evil and Dark Souls than it does Call Of Duty, although even then the resemblance is not close.
The game is set in a London overrun by zombies, but in the game this particular undead apocalypse has been predicated over 400 years ago – by Elizabethan scholar John Dee. But despite the game’s increasingly silly plot (between this and Assassin’s Creed someone at Ubisoft must be a serious conspiracy nut) you play as an ordinary everyman, or woman.
Offered shelter by the mysterious ‘Prepper’ you soon learn that nowhere in London, not even the supposed safe houses, are entirely safe. And you learn the hard way too, as your guts spill out across some dingy underground tunnel and you realise that death in Zombi is permanent – and so too is un-death.
If your character is killed then they will be resurrected as a zombie and you then take the role of another random survivor. Their first task is to track down your previous self and get all your equipment back. But any experience you might have earned, in terms of increased skill in using weapons, is gone forever. Die a second time, before recovering your stuff, and it too disappears for good.
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