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4K PlayStation: Sony Confirms its New More Powerful Console

In every generation, his series of intermediate consoles, both versions of the small (Xbox 360 Slim) or portable (New 3DS XL). It’s been a few months that the rumour of new machines eighth most powerful generation was lying, it would seem already time for Sony to unsheathe its protege, the famous PS4K.


New 4K playstion confirmed by Sony

This is the US site Financial Times has had the great opportunity to get the first official words of Andrew House, current president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, on the beast. In addition to confirming Neo code name, the man says he will be a console with a 4K resolution and capable of displaying much fancy graphics, thanks to a hardware boosted . Not surprisingly, the price will be higher than the € 350 currently requested for the PlayStation 4 base will be, you guessed it, always present in store:


“It (the PS4K) is intended to be placed alongside and as a complement to the PlayStation 4. We sell both versions throughout the lifetime of the machine.”

Other important information, so do not expect a large official reveal at the E3 since House confirmed that PS4K would not be in Los Angeles next week. It was not until the development teams have had time to produce enough strong content before the announcement:

“We want to be sure to have a complete catalog of the best experiences on this new system we can present at once.”


Many of you have to ask a key question for the announcement of the previous rumors: this new machine does have the right to exclusive titles? According to House, all future games will work on the PlayStation 4 base, which will not necessarily be the case on the famous Neo. Although the president of SCE is rather vague on this point, there is a safe bet that compatibility will depend primarily developers who will deploy, again according to Sony, a “small but reasonable” effort to support this new console :

All games will work on the PS4 standard and we expect that all, or at least a large majority of the games also work on the PS4 upscale.

No jealous then as if the owners of the new version will be entitled to the prettiest tracks, others can take advantage of the entire Sony catalog . In another, no difference either in regard to the PlayStation VR that will be compatible on both versions. This was just one of the great fears of virtual reality enthusiasts, but it will not be necessary to get this high-end to enjoy the PS4 VR productions.


Sony confirms a Playstation 4 with 4K
Andrew House, président de Sony Computer Entertainment

If Microsoft , through Phil Spencer, had already discussed his vision for a games console regularly moving in the manner of a PC, Andrew House has made clear that he also saw the market move in this direction. Without going as far as his rival, Andrew House explained that “the consumer is used to a different pace of innovation” largely due to the speed of evolution of smartphones and PC . So even if he is not about to release a yearly console, the Japanese firm account here take a first step by first for an audience of more hardcore players.

So here we are with a confirmation and above all, dozens of questions. Unfortunately for us, House does not show talkative and he will have to wait a while before you can get a definitive opinion on the first season . Indeed, Sony signs here his foray into the world of “evolutionary consoles,” it is therefore not surprising to see Microsoft disembark with a similar proposal soon. The US firm could also achieve a good result by unveiling her foal before the Japanese company during the next E3.

As a reminder, the Xbox side, rumors speak of two new consoles. The first is called Scorpio and resume more or less the concept of Neo with improved hardware and graphical quality therefore higher. Closer to what the manufacturer was able to offer us in the previous generation, the second machine would be a smaller version of the One, devoid of drive and completely turned towards the paperless. This war of intermediate consoles is officially launched by Sony, we have now to wait patiently for the reply Microsoft . See you at the E3 which will open on 14 June, a few surprises are likely to spice up the game.

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