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A 4K Nintendo Switch Version in Preparation for 2019?

A new version of the famous video game console of the Japanese giant would be under study. It would house more RAM and storage but would be mostly equipped with a 4K display.

The announcement has the effect of a small bomb in the world of game consoles. And if the Nintendo Switch, commercial success for the Japanese firm since its launch, had a 4K version ? This rumor, we owe Marcus Sellars, famous journalist and insider in the world of video games , known to have “leaked” a lot of information eventually proving accurate.

4K to compete with the PS4 and Xbox One X

In a series of tweets published late last week and now deleted, this analyst reported Nintendo’s willingness to develop a Nintendo Switch Pro, an improved version of the current hybrid console , scheduled for early 2019, and displaying the following features: 8 GB of RAM, 128 GB of internal storage and a dynamic scaling of the screen or “upscale” allowing a 4K resolution.

That would not be all, since according to Sellars, this Nintendo Switch 2.0 could win exclusivity on some games compared to the standard console , like Resident Evil 2, and would also be able to run streaming services like Twitch. It would not be a simple redesign or update. Because with a power so increased in this way, this new Switch would be on par with its main rivals are the PlayStation 4 Pro Sony and Xbox One X Microsoft, already compatible in 4K.

A new definition that would allow to enter the catalog of games offered by the Big N console of the mastodons for now inaccessible because too greedy to run on the Switch first version. We think of GTA V, the third best selling video game of all time with almost 100 million copies. We imagine then the willingness of fans to see this rumor come true.

A simple rumor?

Nevertheless, the specialized site Game Rant warns that Sellars claims are sometimes to be taken with care (the false announcement of the port of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 on Switch for example) and is skeptical on several points .

The early release date, early 2019, first, which would not fit into the logic of Nintendo, preferring a commissioning of its future console during holiday periods to maximize sales (even if, concedes Game Rant, the first Switch of the name was released in March 2017).The site adds that if a 4K Switch was actually planned early 2019, the Japanese giant would certainly have already announced the release of his new baby at this time, or, at least, refers to the existence of the project officially.

The Nintendo Switch is a commercial success.
The Nintendo Switch is a commercial success. (© CC-BY-SA Owen1962)

Another hard-to-believe data according to Game Rant, the Switch Pro’s ability to embed streaming services like Twitch. Because Nintendo has already made it clear that playing streaming is “not fun”, and never mentioned the possibility of seeing this mode on its consoles.

Although the streaming game could have served as a gondola head for the future online service of the console that will be operational in late September, it seems that the Japanese company is not ready to take the step, still according to Game Rant . Who adds that it would be possible that the release of a switch “upgraded” aligns with the calendar of the next PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlet, so as to upset the competition.

The future will tell. Although it seems that Nintendo still plans to capitalize on the success of the Switch . In early August, the parent company of Mario and Zelda reported an 88% increase in operating income in the first quarter of 2018, boosted by sales of the hybrid console , already sold to almost 20 million copies worldwide, the group hopes to market an additional 20 million Switch.

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