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A new Xbox would be marketed in May

A new Xbox – devoid of disk drive – would be released in May, according to a WindowsCentral report.

Our colleagues in WindowsCentral ensure: Microsoft will market in May a new Xbox, which would position itself as the little sister of the Xbox One S and have a relatively similar data sheet – except that it would lacking the famous Blu-Ray disc player and 4K discs.

The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition would be the first consumer console 100% focused on digital content. The console owners would no longer be able to launch games in disc format and should be content with their collection of digital titles and the GamePass offer.

The removal of the optical drive would allow Microsoft to reduce the price of its machine;

In addition to gaming, the console would also allow streaming video playback and the use of multiple applications.

For now, no index has filtered on pricing. Microsoft, however, would target the general public with this new model and a significant price cut would be on the agenda.

The announcement of the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, just weeks from the E3, is still surprising. As we know, Microsoft is expected to present at the Los Angeles show several new consoles of its next generation.

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