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Cuphead hands-on preview – a nice cup of Contra

Cuphead - devilishly difficult

Cuphead – devilishly difficult

GameCentral finally gets a go on one of the most distinctive-looking games on Xbox One, but is the gameplay just as remarkable?

We’ve already described Crackdown 3 as the most technically impressive game we saw at Gamescom last week, but its rival for the most arresting visuals of the show was also an Xbox One (and PC) exclusive. It may not have been pushing many polygons but we think it’s safe to say you’ve never seen anything that looks like Cuphead. Unless you count the 1930s cartoons it’s inspired by.

Cuphead made quite a splash when it was first unveiled at E32014, but it only appeared as a trailer and neither the game nor the developer was anywhere to… Read the full story

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