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Dreamcast 2 will soon be presented to SEGA

For many fans of Sonic, the Dreamcast has left a bitter taste. Despite its undeniable qualities, it represents the latest attempt of SEGA in the world of consoles. Some lovers of the Japanese firm did not yet see it that way as well and launched themselves into a crazy project …

A possible prototype of Project DreamGathered under the banner “Project Dream”, this group made up his mind to design a Dreamcast 2. buggers have also damn well advanced since many images are available and that prototypes are in progress . One of them should also be presented to SEGA shortly as did include a representative of the firm at the team of Project Dream:

“All this happened very quickly and in the end, he (the manager of SEGA) ended up arguing with me over the phone and even sent a message to one of the team members to say “Send me what you have when you are ready and you can be sure it will be in good hands. “

The presentation should be made in the coming months, hoping that the prototype succeeds in convincing SEGA. However, even with a lot of luck, it would be very far from guaranteeing an outlet outside of Asia , the striking power of the company Sonic remaining unfortunately much lower than during the Megadrive

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