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Games Inbox: Black Ops III predictions, Mario Kart 8 DLC, and Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5

Black Ops II – will the next game also have open world gameplay?

Black Ops II – will the next game also have open world gameplay?

The evening Inbox claims that Inbox Magic has struck once again, as one reader is forced to start Bloodborne from scratch.

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World War too

So the second Call Of Duty in a row is going to be set in the near future, eh? I’m going to make a prediction right now that it will still have flashback scenes like Black Ops II but this time they’ll be in WWII instead of the ’80s. Games companies are pretty bad at keeping secrets so I reckon there’s no smoke without fire and it’ll turn out they were working on a WWII game after all, sort of.

Other than that I just hope they make the most of the good ideas from the last Black Ops. Strike Force was cool but kind of pointless and easy, and that goes for the open world level as well. Even though I liked it Black Ops II is for me the point at which Call Of Duty started to go downhill. They’ve never been bad but Black Ops II was the first one where it didn’t seem to be firing on all cylinders and I don’t think it ever has since – although Advanced Warfare was the best since.

I’m also worried about the inclusion of Zombies yet again. That mode has been terrible for years and needs a complete reworking if you ask me. But something tells me they’re not going to.


Pre Skater

I would’ve thought the fact that they’re trying to hide the fact that this will be the 12th Tony Hawk game they’ve made would give Activision some insight into why the franchise fell of the rails. Since it will presumably have a new developer I’m not going to say anything against the new game but I’d feel a lot more excited if it was Skate 4 that was being announced.

Although maybe Tony Hawk coming out will be enough to convince EA to make a new game. Then it will have been worthwhile no matter what it’s like.


Unofficial soundtrack

RE: Dominic’s nostalgic music while gaming. To this day I can’t think about Doom without The Prodigy’s The Fat of the Land album playing in my head (and vice versa), having played the two together in the late 90s.

There’s nothing quite like fragging hellspawn to those tunes (especially the two tracks whose titles might not be printable on family pages) with the game’s sound effects still audible in the background. Through my rose-tinted glasses what was happening on screen matched up perfectly with the album.
FoximusPrime81 (gamertag/NN ID/Twitter)


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Partial magic

With the release of the Animal Crossing track trailer for Mario Kart 8, I thought it timely to acknowledge that Inbox Magic has once again exerted itself. A few months back I wrote in asking for a Banjo-Kazooie downloadable content track (acknowledging it wouldn’t happen since Microsoft now own the character rights), but any way, I specified a track based around the idea of Banjo N64’s Click Clock Wood level with the seasons changing on track as you race.

Well they’ve gone and kind of delivered. The Animal Crossing track will indeed have changing seasons and background environments and characters on screen every time the track is played, but not, it seems, across the span of one race, which was what I wanted. So my request has in part been granted. Nonetheless I am over the moon the idea of changing seasons has been implemented in a kart track like this.

Now however to the important business at hand, if the Inbox Magic fairies are still listening. In the same Inbox letter, I asked for several particular tracks as possibilities for the retro tracks in the upcoming Mario Kart 8 downloadable content. I’d be happy to see any of them I named ultimately appear, but come on Inbox Magic! Just two weeks left! Finish the job you’ve started! Give me my absolute favourites Maple Treeway and/or Koopa Cape in HD!

GC: Oh yeah, we remember that email. If only you’d asked for a Han Solo simulator…


Start afresh

So, 69 hours of Bloodborne play deleted as going into New Game+ it seems to have glitched. It started in upper cathedral when I helped someone with the second boss. After defeating it it spawned me back in the boss room with no way out and only 20 blood vials in storage, meaning not many chances to kill it.

Eventually the boss wasn’t moving, or seemingly taking damage, then it just died and I got out. So I went ahead and finished the game, going into New Game+ an important character who gives a weapon wasn’t there. Having missed her on first play through I decided to delete all progress and start again. Knowing where to go progress has been speedier, and I love the game so no harm done.
zombiekicker (PSN ID)


Too fast

After hearing the news about the 200cc free download for Mario Kart 8, and watching the comparison video, one thing crossed my mind: Mario Kart meets F-Zero and will breathe new life into Mario Kart 8. Some of the mushroom-only shortcuts now look possible without a mushroom, as the videos made it look like you were using a Bullet Bill throughout the race. Some of the tracks also look nearly impossible at this speed (SNES Rainbow Road as an example.) The Animal Crossing track looks interesting as the season changes each time but has there been any word about what retro tracks are going to be in the DLC?

Now that N64 games are finally being released on Virtual Console and Donkey Kong 64 being one of the first games released what’s the chances of seeing Diddy Kong Racing on Virtual Console? Some of the other games I’d like to see released are Mischief Makers (not sure if Treasure’s still around) and the Mario Party games.
TommyGun17 (NN ID)/The Conkster17 (PSN ID)

GC: The Animal Crossing track is currently the only one confirmed for the second DLC pack. Diddy Kong Racing is difficult because it features characters like Banjo-Kazooie and Conker, although Nintendo did release a de-Rareified version on DS.


Regular contributor

Just want to give a nice public thanks to BigdaddyWatt/Irish Rover from the GC community. I recently bought a PlayStation 4 and, although it’s the nice white version (which my other half thinks looks like a Stormtrooper after getting caught in the Death Star’s trash compactor), I mentioned being a bit paranoid that the analogue thumb sticks might get worn away like with the earlier models.

Mr Daddy Watt promptly stuck a couple of thumbstick protectors in the post free of charge. And he even included a cover for the controller’s light (in the form of a Halo logo, no less!). Bigdaddy has been known to give away copies of pretty much brand new games to us complete strangers fairly recently as well and, although he probably wouldn’t regard it as a massive deed, he deserves a special mention among the rest of the excellent readership.
Panda (Floyd83_GC – PSN ID)
PS: Very much enjoying the PlayStation 4, which I got with The Order: 1886 and Bloodborne as part of an Argos deal. I rushed through The Order to get rid of it quickly, as I wasn’t enjoying it much at all. Given the out-of-sequence story, I have no idea who thought it was a good idea to put a lot of the most cripplingly boring chapters at the start of the game. Predictably loving Bloodborne at least as much as the Souls games.


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Cautiously pessimistic

RE: Benson. Yes, I did hear about that, and my honest view is that I’m not sure about the Five Nights at Freddy’s movie.

Considering the game’s story, a film could potentially be awesome in the right hands, and if given the right amount of care and attention to detail that some of the fans certainly have given to their works – I particularly recommend Dismantled Joy and Day and Night – then it could certainly work, especially as Scott Cawthon, the series’ creator, is said to be personally involved. I would fully endorse the idea… if it was an independent film. Under the watch of a big studio like Warner Bros., I have concerns.

What little info we have does suggest good things, but I greatly doubt things will turn out well. Not just because it’s a movie based on a game, but an indie horror game at that. Video game adaptations always fail in some way, especially when shot in live action.

Going solely by horror movie adaptations, let’s take the Silent Hill films as an example. The first film captured the look of the game but didn’t capture its essence in any other way, while the second film was an absolute mess that came about both from trying too hard to follow the lore and somehow simultaneously not following it enough (and both of course were atrociously acted, written, and directed).

I also have to wonder how exactly a feature length movie could work. Films are a very different medium from games and comics, so if we’re generous and give the film a runtime of two hours there would certainly need to be some careful selection in what goes into the final work, as well as any additions that may need to be made (such as characterising the player character, what happens between the nights, how much of the backstory is presented, etc.).

I don’t envy anyone who has to carry out such a task in such a comparatively small space of time, especially if they hope to have the film appeal to as wide an audience as possible, not just fans of the game (this is the same industry that turned down Guillermo Del Toro’s attempts to adapt Lovecraft’s works because the executives couldn’t figure out how to sell cosmic horror to pre-teens, after all).

In short, all we can do is hope the people involved know what they’re doing, but with Hollywood thrown in the mix… one must really hope for the best and prepare for the worst.
Andrew Middlemas


Inbox also-rans

Lego Back to the Future better use the same voiceover guy for Marty that the Telltale game did. He was great.

Many thanks to Chaosphere616. The code for Don Jon worked just perfectly. It’s the wife’s birthday and now I have an excuse not to spend a fortune taking her out. She’s a big Joe G Levitt fan, so she’ll be quite chuffed. Thanks again!


This week’s Hot Topic

The subject for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader LeighDappa (PSN ID/Facebook), who asks who is your least favourite video games character?

Particularly when it comes to non-player characters, which one gets on your nerves the most and who have you really wished the game would give you a chance to hurt or kill? Why exactly do you dislike them and do they irritate because of the way they’re written, how they act in the game (in terms of artificial intelligence, etc.), or something else?

How much can something like an annoying character ruin an otherwise good game? And are there any you’ve actually given up on, or actively avoided, just because you don’t like the characters?

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