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Dragon Age: Inquisition OCD, Bloodborne insight, and New Zealand Story 2

Dragon Age: Inquisition -do you care about getting every last icon?

Dragon Age: Inquisition -do you care about getting every last icon?

The morning Inbox suggests making a video game music edition of Guitar Hero, as one reader insists that 200cc is just too fast.

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Gotta complete ’em all

I’ve just started Dragon Age: Inquisition and I am enjoying it besides the combat, which I feel is trying to be multiple things and not succeeding at any. Anyhow, I was wondering if anyone has the same OCD with maps and icons that I have.

Like Skyrim, Assassin’s Creed, and Far Cry (Ubisoft in general) to name a few, the map shows lots and lots of icons representing one activity or another. I cannot, no matter how hard I try, progress with the story without removing these icons from the map. This leads me to go hours without touching the main story and usually forgetting what the hell is going on.

I blame this OCD on old games where you could miss side quests or important items if you progressed past a certain point. I kind of wish developers would go the Rockstar route and give you a few side quests then a story mission to alleviate my icon hunting obsession.
PS: Currently playing: Dragon Age: Inquisition, OlliOlli 2, Zelda: Majora’s Mask, and Civilization V.


Game Hero

Pretty glad to hear that Guitar Hero and Rock Band are coming back but the thing I never understood is why they never did a video game music edition. The Halo DLC seemed to be really popular and I’d love to see more than just. Imagine rocking out to Zelda or Mario (in the Wii U version of course) or the OutRun songs, or the Civilization song (sorry, I forgot what it’s called) or like a whole Final Fantasy disc.

Maybe that’s not considered mainstream enough or something, but I can’t see how it’s any worse than Van Halen or some of the other obscure stuff they were have to use in the end. Obviously a lot of video game music is classical but there’s a hundred and one remixes and cover versions of popular songs already, and a lot of them are rock versions. I know I’d buy it, and I’m sure it’s cheaper than signing up The Beatles or whatever.


Spend to make

I know it’s been said before but the kind of games that get sequels is really weird. I mean who asked for Overlord 3 (or 5 or whatever it is). People have got to make a living, and presumably someone enjoys the game, but is that really the best thing Codemasters could think to spend their money on? Because I doubt they were responding to some Internet petition to make a new one.

Really not knocking people that do like it, but it just makes me think about the amount of money that must be involved in this. The graphics looked all right, they got Rhianna Pratchett to write the story, so I’m guessing you’re talking several million at least?

That just seems so much money to me when you consider how little indie games cost to make and how that would’ve been considered a big budget just a few years ago. The cost of making games is getting crazy and I tell you what, I’m glad it’s not my money.


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Too much insight

It is alright now, the hunter is down and I have made further progress! I have managed to get to the next boss, Micolash? Only had one attempt but he doesn’t ‘seem’ too troublesome when using the trusty Fire Paper!

What is the crack with ‘insight’ in the game, as I know once you get so much, the shop/bath opens to allow you to spend some. I notice upon spending some though that a bar starts to deplete, which obviously means a bar is filling while gaining insight. But what does insight actually do if you chose not to spend/do spend?
Ryan180 (PSN ID)/Ryanodno (NN ID)

GC: We think you’re talking about the stamina bar, which is unrelated to insight. You get insight for reaching new areas, beating bosses, and a few other things; that then allows you to see the doll and use the bath and pay for its special items. The primary use though is for co-op. Help someone out and you get insight, ask someone else for help and you use it. There are some side effects when you have a high insight stat that generally make the game harder, the details of which you can find at a wiki.


Worth waiting for

I suspect nobody really minds but isn’t try that Bloodborne also launched unfinished? I mean, if one of the main faults with the game is that the loading took forever and then that’s fixed a few weeks later that’s just the same problem with Assassin’s Creed Unity and Battlefield 4 but on a smaller scale.

They must have known the loading was terrible, I mean who’s not going to notice that? But they shipped it anyway, presumably they just ran out of time before the release date, and hoped nobody would care. Now obviously there’s a world of difference between Assassin’s Creed Unity and Bloodborne in terms of quality, but they’re both treating the idea of being finished as just an optional extra that can be fixed later.

It’s not surprising to find pre-orders are on the slide. I wouldn’t buy a new game now for two very good reasons: it’ll be have the price in a month and it’ll work twice as well.

GC: We’re not sure of the technical reason but slow loading speeds are very common in preview versions we see, and only seem to get fixed just before release. So you’re probably right that they just ran out of time.


Lucky dip

I found it hilarious that that retailer website was describing the fall in pre-orders as a ‘crisis’. As far as I’m concerned this is the best gaming news I’ve heard all year. How on earth pre-orders became a thing I will never know. The extras are always embarrassingly naff and you’re basically being asked to pay for something before you have any idea what it’s like. In fact the idea is to specifically encourage you to pay for it before you have the chance to find out what it’s like!

Maybe I’m poorer than the average gamer or something but I have got £40 to waste on the off chance a game might be good. Not if the only evidence I’ve got is a CGI trailer or an inconclusive preview.

I just don’t see what anyone gets out of pre-orders except a vague sense of excitement. I know what the publisher gets out of it of course, but hopefully this people beginning to realise they’re being taken for a ride.


Kiwi sequel

Kind of random this but why was there never a sequel to The New Zealand Story? I remember it being a pretty big deal when I was a kid but it never seemed to get the follow-up it deserved, at least as far as I know. It was quite good at the time I thought: non-linear, with an interesting weapon system, and good bosses.

What happened to it and who owns the rights now? More importantly, do you think there’ll ever be another one. Although I have to admit I have no idea what it would look like in 3D. So maybe just a super cute looking 2D game?

GC: There was never a sequel, but there was a remake for the DS in 2007. It was fairly faithful to the original but the use of the dual screens almost ruined it. It’s a Taito game, so that must mean Square Enix own the rights now.


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Too fast

I think I’m going to be unpopular but while I am loving the new Mario Kart 8 DLC, the 200cc mode is not enjoyable. To me it feels like you have to fight it every step of the way, even with the brakes applied. I’m always up for a challenge but in 200cc I don’t enjoy the tracks, which is a massive shame. I’ve found that anything other than a standard kit and a light character is a nightmare.

As I type this, I’m watching the Nintendo Twitch stream and the one guy using Dry Bowser has really struggled. I think in the next game the 200cc mode will fit in really well as the tracks will be adapted with it in mind but here I just feel it struggles too much against me to have any real enjoyment from it, which is massive shame.

Onto the tracks and wow, they look outstanding, especially Baby Park and Ribbon Road (both of which I neber missed as I jumped a few generations in games consoles!). Oddly, I enjoyed Cheese Land too when usually desert tracks don’t excite, me so extra points for that! The soundtrack is wonderful as ever and I’m still hoping for a Club Nintendo release here. The soundtrack is releasing in Japan in June via Club Nintendo, so it should have all the DLC music too. I can only hope it makes it over here like the last five soundtracks have.

Maybe in time I’ll get some enjoyment out of 200cc mode but it remains unlikely. I’ll be sticking to 150cc online after I’ve completed all the cups, which could take until the next Mario Kart to complete the way I’m going!
bouncer0304 (NN ID)


Inbox also-rans

I’m writing in to say a big thank you to Flexi_Timms for his generous prize of The Order: 1886. I’m really looking forward to playing it as soon as I’m done with Bloodborne. This community really is something special. Thanks again
Unholiesthojo (gamertag/PSN ID)

Why does everything have to be a movie nowadays? Surely a Nintendo Televisual Universe makes a lot more sense? I mean these are all cartoons/CGI films they’re talking about, right?


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You can name anything from a particular gun or melee weapon to a unique fighting move, special attack, power-up, or computer-controlled helper character. Vehicles are fine too, as long as it’s used to cause damage in-game then it’s still valid.

What is it about your choice that’s so much fun to use? Is it simply the amount of damage it causes, the unusual nature of how it works, the difficulty of pulling off its attacks, or simply the noise it makes when it works?

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