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Games Inbox: Game reveal leaks, Titanfall 2 story, and Bloodborne obsession

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - did the Internet spoil its grand unveiling?

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – did the Internet spoil its grand unveiling?

The morning Inbox is not convinced about the BBC’s GTA drama, as one reader tells of his Football Manager Classic 2015 addiction.

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Knew it was coming

The Internet’s great and all, but basically it managed to ruin three game reveals last week – arguably four. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided had about three ‘official’ reveals, none of which was actually the first to have any substantial news. Lego Dimensions was about the same, with all the basics leaking out just hours before the real thing. And now it looks like Ton Hawk Pro Skater 5 isn’t going to be a surprise when it’s announced either.

I’m not sure where Black Ops III comes into that, because it wasn’t a surprise for this year’s Call Of Duty. But it’s basically not a surprise thanks to Internet rumours.

All of these would’ve been a lot more exciting if they’d been revealed without any prior knowledge at all, but I guess the genie’s out of the bottle now and that’s the price you pay for 24 hour news. Kudos to those few companies that do manage to keep their stuff a secret.


Story context

Really looking forward to seeing an announcement for Titanfall 2 in the next few months. I know it gets a lot of stick for it’s lack of single-player and all but I’m a big fan and I thought it felt a lot more fresh than any other current gen shooter. I think it’s obvious to everyone though that it didn’t do quite as well as was hoped, perhaps because of the Xbox One itself at launch.

But I notice that Evolve didn’t do that great either, and it’s also a multiplayer game with no proper story campaign. I know online multiplayer is obviously popular but I wonder if people are underestimating how important a good story mode can be to setting the tone of the game and giving some context for the action.

Obviously there’s Destiny that seems to refute that, but even if there’s not that much concrete story you still know kind of what’s going on and the whole MMO aspect means it doesn’t just feel like endless deathmatches. I wonder what everyone else think, and more importantly what Respawn think…


Questionable sources

This BBC thing about the making of GTA is sounding pretty bad, despite having a big name to play Dan Houser Or is it Sam? I don’t know and that seems to be half the problem. The other half is that apparently they’re basing the story on the book Jacked by David Kushner, which according to most people that worked on the games is very inaccurate.

The worst thing is that the game’s origins with Dave Jones and DMA Design is apparently not in the game at all. Instead the focus is on Jack Thompson, who as other readers have already pointed out is a grade-A loony, to the point where they had to disbar him and everything. If the Beeb is hoping to use this as a dramatic finale that seems a bit pointless, considering it was always obvious he was crazy.

Of course it’s good that this sort of thing is being made at all, but I do worry they’re focusing on the wrong things, at least from a gamer’s perspective.


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Dark desire

I recently beat the brilliant Bloodborne. It’s definitely going on my all-time favourite games list.

This ranks alongside Dark Souls I in terms of quality, world design, and lore. The monster designs are frighteningly magnificent, also the big horrid bosses never cease to amaze me.

It took me 48 hours to complete and I beat every boss on my own, even if it took a few tries. It’s definitely my best gaming feat and I felt very proud of myself after. I just want to jump back in, Dark Souls I and II, Demon’s Souls, or even back to Yharnam.
Danpez890 (PSN ID)


Suffer together

A few nights ago, it struck me, when I noticed that 17 of my GC Friends List on PlayStation 4 were all simultaneously playing Bloodborne, that we do have a GC community that loves these From Software games. We’ve also got many GC players just starting Dark Souls II on PlayStation 4, and even some stating an interest in going back to Demon’s Souls on PlayStation 3.

Can we link all these GC enthusiasts of punishment together? It looked like an open goal to me. So I created a closed GC reader group intended for people who love the Souls series, and now Bloodborne, to share experiences, arrange co-op, give mild pointers to each other, and to just communally enjoy what is a niche, but much loved games series.

Any interested GC readers can find us here. The group is specifically named as a support group, so you’re all welcome to tell us your tales of being poked, burnt, slashed, thrusted, knocked off ledges, caught out by traps, etc. We all know how it goes. Feel free to join us. And lastly, a huge thanks to everyone who has joined, and made the group so active over the last couple of days since its creation. I didn’t even know if anyone would want it. You’ve gone and embraced it. Thank you.


Old-fashioned mayhem

Hate to disagree with FoximusPrime81’s comment but clearly the best soundtrack to Doom is the first Rage Against The Machine album.

There are few pleasures in life better than blasting rockets into the Cyberdemon’s face to the strains of Bombtrack. God, I miss those days…
Mr Fabulous


Guaranteed wrong

I was really looking forward to Mass Effect 4, but if Michael Pachter says it’ll be out before April then it’s really sad to think it’s definitely going to be later than that. That man is always wrong, and while being really obnoxious and smartass about it too. Still, it is at least true that hopefully it’ll be at EA this year, so we can start to get properly hyped about it.

Although I saw his point I don’t think the reader who wrote in before about EA prioritising Star Wars over Mass Effect should worry. EA are a kind of all or nothing company and if they didn’t want Mass Effect then they wouldn’t be scared about canning – just look what happened to Shadow Realms. Plus, Mass Effect is their franchise and not something they have to licence. One day they could lose Star Wars and so it wouldn’t make financial sense to hamper something you do own in the meantime.


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Addiction train

My commute will never be the same again. I just got Football Manager Classic 2015 on my iPad and finally my dreams of taking a proper (well kind of) Football Manager title to work with me has been realised. Sports Interactive advertised this as the proper classic mode from the full PC title and they have delivered. I didn’t even know this game was a thing until it released on Thursday morning.

At 14.99 the price is quite steep for a mobile game, but in a day and a half since release I have already managed to clock eight hours on it. As a long time Football Manager player who no longer has a PC to play it on, this is perfect for me. Although the game does seem a little limited coming from the full game, as they only allow you three nations running simultaneously, it is more than enough for what I want these days. My schedule no longer allows me to spend months on end taking Coventry City to Champions League glory, sadly.

Quite how Sports Interactive have managed to get this running on a mobile device seems absolutely wondrous to me. I always hated the handheld and console versions of Football Manager titles but this seems perfect. The layout and touchscreen controls seem a little clunky at first but you soon get used to it and everything can be accessed in just a few clicks. They have even included the full 3D match engine, which I never use personally, but it’s a nice touch for those that want it.

In recent years I had started to become disillusioned with the absolute behemoth that is Football Manager, the size and scope of the game completely engulfing my life. I really think at one point in time I was addicted. I whittled away many of my school and college days playing Championship Manager/Football Manager deep into the night and many all nighters were spent micro-managing every aspect of my club, even when not playing I was thinking about tactics, finances and signings.

Hopefully this game won’t quite have the same adverse affect on my life, but should at least make my commute bearable.


Inbox also-rans

With everyone in love with all things Souls (and with good reason) I just wondered if anyone had played the King’s Field games? Apparently they’re considered to be almost part of the same series?

GC: We’ve played the fourth one, which was released in Europe on the PlayStation 2. It’s first person but otherwise surprisingly similar to the Souls games. We think there was some talk of the first one being translated and released on PSN.

Why are the Lego toys so small for Lego Dimensions? They look like things I could build myself out of a few spare pieces? Presumably it’s just the stand they’re sitting on that the game is actually detecting?

GC: We would assume so, yes.


This week’s Hot Topic

The subject for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Sparky the Yak, who asks which critically and commercially successful game do you think is overrated – and why?

It can be a franchise, or even a genre, rather than just an individual game but we want to know specific reasons why you didn’t like it and how much you played of it. Was the game sufficiently different to what you expected, or was there some element of the gameplay or presentation that you just couldn’t get on with?

If the game’s part of a series have you enjoyed other games in the franchise? Or are there other similar titles that you’ve liked instead? Do you appreciate why others enjoy and praise the game, or is its appeal totally lost on you

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