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Games Inbox: Knights Of The Old Republic III, Mortal Kombat X gore, and Pandora’s Tower

Darth Revan - not the guy in the teaser trailer

Darth Revan – not the guy in the teaser trailer

The evening Inbox has advice for those that prefer to rent new games, as one reader asks for helping beating Mario Kart 8.

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Old Star Wars

Super hyped about Star Wars: Battlefront now after seeing the teaser at the end of the new Star Wars trailer, and of course the trailer itself. I can’t help thinking that the new Sith bad guy though looks a lot like Darth Revan from Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic, which surely can’t be a coincidence. I’m not suggesting there’s any story connection, but they must have been aware they were designing two similar looking characters.

Which brings me onto the question of whether there’ll be a Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic III? I know The Old Republic is still hobbling on, but it’s really not the same thing. But apart from the obvious problem that presumably EA will want to make all their future games based on the new films I think technically the first two games now count as non-canon.

Unfortunately I’ve probably answered my own question as to what will happen there, but I’m sure I’m not the only one that wishes the series would get a proper send-off and not the botched sequel that wasn’t even by BioWare (although it wasn’t bad, all things considered). As far as I’m concerned Knights Of The Old Republic was better than the prequels and if they stay then it should.


Sale or rent

RE: Armadex. I rent from Boomerang. They offer a three week trial but I don’t think this is eligible for Xbox One or PlayStation 4 games though. There are various subscription plans and they also have a loyalty points system. They sell new games or allow you to keep rentals dependent on stock. Due to this I have brought Zelda: A Link Between Worlds for £7.82 and 782 loyalty points.

The only other rental service I’m aware of is Paramount Games Rental but I don’t know how reliable they are.
Vegeta01 (gamertag)


Better boss

It was really refreshing to hear Phil Spencer praising Bloodborne’s success. It makes such a change to Don Mattrick’s ill-fated reign as Xbox supremo. I didn’t believe a word Mattrick said, and he came across as a really bad salesman, but Spencer seems a genuine guy, and is a big games fan, and that makes all the difference.

He inherited a complete shambles from Mattrick, but is making huge strides towards turning things around for the Xbone. I was quite tempted to get one after the recent price cut, but I’m struggling to play the games I have for my PlayStation 4 and Wii U as it is, so I better not give in to temptation!
Cubes (PSN ID)/Cubes73 (NN ID/Steam ID)/Kevin M


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No room

I don’t feel any urgency to jump from my Xbox 360 to Xbox One and I’ve just realised there’s a much simpler reason than even the creepy policies Microsoft announced at launch. Like Meestah Bull in Friday’s Inbox I have a sizeable games backlog and I don’t have enough room for another console right now.

However, if they had made the new one backwards compatible – even partially, like they did the Xbox 360 – I’d probably feel it was worth my while to buy the new console so I could work through my backlog on the new console while waiting for new software like Halo 5.

As it stands, if and when I join the new gen (after I’ve finished my backlog, no doubt), I’ll likely get a Wii U to replace my Wii, followed by a PlayStation 4 for a change if nothing else.
FoximusPrime81 (gamertag/NN ID/Twitter)


Stuck controls

I bought Pandora’s Tower from eShop for my Wii U the other day and I’m rather enjoying it and I’m already a fair way in, but at the start of the game you’re given the choice of using the Wii U GamePad or the original Wii controllers.

I chose to use my GamePad but after checking out GC’s review of it from a couple of years ago I’m wondering… should I start it again and play it as intended with the Wii controllers in order to get the most out of it? Once you’ve chosen the control method you can’t change it mid-game which seems strange…

GC: We do remember it making good use of the Wii remote pointer. But not being able to change mid-game seems odd, have you checked the manual to make sure there’s not a way?


Pretend violence

Pretty funny that Steve Paul complains about Mortal Kombat X being too violent a day after I complain about it not being violent enough. It could be an age thing, as I grew up with Nightmare on Elm Street and RoboCop and the John Carpenter’s The Thing, where everything was as violent and visceral as possible and I would like a game to recreate that feeling. It could be why I like the Resident Evil series and zombie  games in general or it could be a deep psychological issue I have, who knows.

Probably the closest thing to one of these movies would be Dead Space. I think the original captures the dread of deep space isolation and the gore that I love and the second game has the zombie babies that freak me out.

Before anyone recommends a councillor I will say that I do cringe when watching real life injuries and pain (on TV) but I love it in fantasy settings.


Malign influence

Hear hear to GC’s response to Steve Paul’s letter RE: Mortal Kombat X review on Friday morning.

The evidence for how violent video games affect people’s actions is much weaker than the evidence for how the typecasting of women in video games affects people’s attitudes. I think GamerGate might have proved this.
Owen Pile


Jigglypuff, I punch you!

Massive thanks for the Mewtwo code to the two peeps that donated them, I was lucky enough to win one. Can’t wait to smash some faces in with him, especially you Jigglypuff.

I’ve gotta say I cannot wait for Mario Kart 8’s second DLC and 200cc, it’s gonna be amazing. So happy to see another F-Zero track, but for the love of god Nintendo please just make a new F-Zero game.
Roll on May for Kirby and Splatoon. Thanks again for the code.
Candyman X


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Harder than Bloodborne

With the upcoming release of Mario Kart 8 DLC I thought it would be a good time to try and tackle a problem. I bought my Wii U principally for this game and, like others, think it’s great. However I haven’t really played it for a while now, and although still consider it great, am reluctant to go back to it. The reason is the absurd difficulty level in the 150cc Grands Prix. I breezed through the 50cc, cantered through the 100cc, and then proceeded on towards 150cc.

After six weeks of constant trying I have unlocked (3 stars) on just one Grand Prix. I’m all for a good challenge (love Bloodborne, slowly making my way through it) but seriously, the 150cc is actually just not fun anymore. I can sometimes hold leads for a bit, but it will usually be followed by a barrage from behind of some sort. To have a perfect run for the four races simultaneously is proving impossible.

I consider myself ‘old school; and am reluctant to constantly refer to guides, walkthroughs, etc. However long ago abandoned my morals on this particular issue and have checked YouTube, etc. I can do the power slidey thing round corners really well, but don’t do the fire-hopping yet (trying to learn). Any others tips before the next DLC (and 200cc mode – have mercy) would be appreciated.
r-s-w (PSN ID)/r-s-w1 (NN ID)


Inbox also-rans

Please find enclosed a code for a download of the movie Interstellar. As I have no intention of using it would you minding passing it on to a GC reader in a manner which you find fitting.

GC: That’s very good of you. Since it’s the weekend we’ll pass it on to the first reader to ask.

That Star Wars teaser! Oh man… I have to admit my bottom lip was trembling there towards the end.


This week’s Hot Topic

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It can be a franchise, or even a genre, rather than just an individual game but we want to know specific reasons why you didn’t like it and how much you played of it. Was the game sufficiently different to what you expected, or was there some element of the gameplay or presentation that you just couldn’t get on with?

If the game’s part of a series have you enjoyed other games in the franchise? Or are there other similar titles that you’ve liked instead? Do you appreciate why others enjoy and praise the game, or is its appeal totally lost on you

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