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Games Inbox: Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks 2, Dark Souls II difficulty, and Smash Bros. poll

Mortal Kombat X - is there one too many one-on-one beat 'em-up?

Mortal Kombat X – is there one too many one-on-one beat ’em-up?

The morning Inbox wonders why games companies are so terrible at release dates, as one reader calls for a new Medal Of Honor.

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Good idea
I’ve been looking at the Morta Kombat X videos so far and I’m pretty impressed. I’m not someone to pre-order but as long as the reviews are decent I think I probably will get it now. Mostly because I haven’t played (or at least bought) one of the games in years. But it got me thinking just how much they can change these one-on-one beat ’em-ups and why they’ve given up trying to expand the Mortal Kombat series into something these.

I’m one of the many fans of Shaolin Monks and can’t understand (other than presumably it didn’t do that well) why they haven’t made something else along the same lines. This new game looks really violent too so it’d be easy to imagine making a more horror-based game, maybe something more stealthy, or just a Shaolin Monks style roaming beat ’em-up.

Fighting games often have the most distinctive and memorable characters but they’re never really used the way you’d expect them to be. I know there were a few attempts years ago, with thinks like the Sarah Tekken game, but you’d think they’d realise they failed because they were bad games, not bad ideas.


Uniform delay
The delay of Quantum Break is just crazy. Uncharted 4, Zelda, and now this… it’s just like the broken games last year: all the companies making the same easily avoidable mistakes as each other. You really do have to wonder whether the reason gaming doesn’t have more mainstream acceptance is that the whole industry is run in such a shambolic way. I mean when how often does a big move get delayed? Once or twice a year and that’s big news and it absolutely never gets delayed a second time.

And this is such an easily avoided problem. If you don’t know when your game is coming out don’t say anything! You can’t dealy what doesn’t have a date already! It seems a small point really but now neither Sony nor Nintendo have a big name game for Christmas, and Microsoft is back to having only one big name exclusive (Halo 5).
This E3 better be good if this whole generation is going to pick itself up and make a proper job of things. I swear some of these execs are either on the bottle or make their decisions completely at random.


Mistaken identity
I have just finished Medal Of Honor: Warfighter again, can’t remember how many times I’ve played your games. Brilliant. We have Call Of Duty, we have Battlefield, and we need Medal Of Honor.

These three games are brilliant and different, we need all three. Please make another, I don’t care how much it costs, you’re one of the best.

GC: Err…. we’re not EA. Warfighter was a critical and commercial flop and EA shut down the developer shortly after it was released. We very much doubt there’s going to be another one.


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Trawling the depths
Was watching The Abyss the other day and there was a scene in which a manic, moustached Michael Biehn (Lt. Coffey) erratically pilots a one man submarine on a deranged mission to the deep. The resemblance to a scene featuring fellow lunatic moustache aficionado, Trevor in GTA V was uncanny.

Is there a possible Hot Topic that can be wrung from this stories briny ‘tache? Asking which scenes or Easter eggs in games people have come across that are nods to films, or even vice versa?
PS: Talking of Trev, Steven Ogg in Better Call Saul – good to see a criminally under-used actor being given a role in a prominent show.


Fake console
RE: LeighDappa and pretending to play games. I made a SNES with games and a controller out of Lego before I actually got a SNES and would pretend I was controlling what was on the TV.

Also, two lads used to come over to my house for piano lesson’s with my mam. They’d have to wait in the sitting room for about five minutes beforehand, so I recorded an episode of GamesMaster and pretended to be playing the arcade version of Killer Instinct on my actual SNES. I told them there was a cheat to activate the improved graphics.

I’m also ashamed to admit it but I also tried the Bart Simpson trick of looking sad next to games in the shop in the hope someone would feel bad and buy one for me.


Mask your surprise
In my attempt to influence the votes for which Super Smash Bros. character gets created next (which you can votes for here). Can I suggest the Happy Mask Salesman from Majora’s Mask (and Ocarina Of Time).

His unnerving characteristics and eccentric personality can be cleverly portrayed through his taunts, such as his malevolent laugh or his creepy smile. His move set could either consist of using character masks, i.e. he would put on a Mario mask and use his abilities (easier for Nintendo to create in a short amount of time), or non-character masks, i.e. the bunny hood (without picking up the item) increasing his speed and jumping ability but also makes him easier to be launched off screen.

Or the stone mask making him invisible temporarily. His final smash would have to be putting on Majora’s Mask, making the moon crash down on the stage and for the those unfortunate to get in the way.


Hard time
So I got my copy of Dark Souls II: Scholar Of The First Sin on Thursday and the first thing that came to my head is everyone mentioning the difficulty. A lot of people were saying it was easier, but I beg to differ. I found the beginning of the game and a few hours on to be frustrating and it came down to two things, lack of estus flasks and health decreasing every time I died.

This is a game of trial and error, to punish you for dying is a set back for me. Having played the first one I always felt motivated to get back into the fight when I died. knowing I had a decent supply of estus flasks I could keep the battle going, but once again not the case in the sequel. I’m constantly having to go back to my last bonfire to fill up my estus flasks having so few of them.

I feel like the game is not giving me a chance to explore, which is something I didn’t have too much of a problem with the original. I’m now over six hours in, have four estus flasks and half of my original health (due to dying a lot) and so far see no way of it getting easier. Would appreciate it if anyone could point out the parts which are easier.
Joshua Hawes


Small help
On the subject of Father Gascoigne and a certain item used in his defeat. It wasn’t until after the fight was well and truly over that I found out that the game does give you a very small clue as to when to use that particular item. Check the item description and you’ll find Gascoigne’s name on it.

Typical From… Any help they do give is usually so utterly obscure that it might as well not be there. I definitely have a love/hate relationship with that aspect of their games.
Andrew Middlemas


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Retro investment
In response to Mark, trust me Zelda: Ocarina Of Time is definitely worth the £7 it costs to buy 1,000 Wii Points. With regards to the Water Temple, it is definitely memorable in that it doesn’t hold your hand and borders highly on the tedious scale (constantly in and out of the inventory; reading reviews it is understood a satisfactory workaround was achieved for the 3DS version). But my, it felt such an exceptional achievement to have cracked this temple, that I can now look back in fondness and appreciation for the great level design.

For a 17-year-old game the temple boss definitely impressed visually on my HD screen. If I can give further recommendation, seriously consider buying yourself a GameCube controller. May I recommend this from Amazon. Another exceptional bit of equipment I have bought for retro gaming on the Wii.

I have now started Majora’s Mask and have the GameCube version of The Wind Waker waiting in the wings, as well as Super Mario Sunshine and Luigi’s Mansion. GameCube controller equals money well spent in my opinion. I would be very much interested in your thoughts, once you too have completed Ocarina Of Time.


Inbox also-rans
Bloody hell… Just watched the first episode of Attack On Titan on my Wii U, it doesn’t get much darker than that, not what I expected on my Nintendo console but enjoyed it a lot! Not seen it mentioned on these pages yet… What did GC think?
Birdmanrob (NN ID)

GC: We’ve only seen a few clips, but it does look like it’d make a good game.

Next to your review summary it says ‘TL; DR’ in an orange circle. I’ve been scratching my head but I can’t work out what that stand for!

GC: It’s short for Too long; Didn’t read. Not a phrase we’d use normally but it it seemed appropriate for the summary.


This week’s Hot Topic
The subject for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader LeighDappa (PSN ID/Facebook), who asks who is your least favourite video games character?

Particularly when it comes to non-player characters, which one gets on your nerves the most and who have you really wished the game would give you a chance to hurt or kill? Why exactly do you dislike them and do they irritate because of the way they’re written, how they act in the game (in terms of artificial intelligence, etc.), or something else?

How much can something like an annoying character ruin an otherwise good game? And are there any you’ve actually given up on, or actively avoided, just because you don’t like the characters?

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