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Games Inbox: PS Now beta, Mario Kart 8 DLC impressions, and Oddworld New ‘N’ Tasty

PlayStation Now - now in beta in the UK

PlayStation Now – now in beta in the UK

The evening Inbox seeks the help of wikis for Bloodborne, as one reader asks for advice on gaming haunts in NYC.

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Now is here

I’ve been on the PS Now trial for a week and have got to say I’m very impressed.

I’m lucky enough to have a 100MB connection, which I’m sure helps a hell of a lot. I’m not sure what the experience is like with slower speeds but for me it’s been flawless.

I’ve been able to play stuff I missed first time around: Batman: Arkham City, Dead Space 3, and Beyond: Two Souls amongst others.

Graphics quality is generally very good, again probably more to do with my speed; lag has only raised its head once but only in a minor way.

The interface follows the PlayStation 4 theme, it looks like the PS Store so easy enough to get around. Once in the app it emulates a PlaySation 3, complete with XMB, etc. Trophies even sync up with your profile, will be interesting to see how it evolves when they offer PlayStation 4 titles in the future.

I’m enjoying having a library of games I can just jump into, my only gripe is that I can’t share the app with my partner like I can with digital games – something I’m hoping will be addressed at launch. Otherwise it’s going to be too expensive having two subs on the go.

Overall I’m very impressed, a Netflix for gaming works for me. It might even influence me buying retail games on launch day, if I’m into something on PS Now I might be more inclined to wait until the price comes down a bit. A good example would be Dying Light, I bought the digital version for £54.99 on launch, eight weeks later it’s on offer for £20 cheaper.

Can I ask everyone what they think of game sharing? Digital games work for me because my partner and I both have PlayStation 4s, if we had to buy two retail games it’s the neck end of a £100. However, if we share a digital licence it’s almost like getting the trade-in value before, er… trading in. We are also able to pick up the odd bargain. Tomb Raider for example was only £4.75 each, makes sense for us.


First impressions

After giving a relatively poor preview the other day, and now played the new tracks for three hours straight, I thought I would give the new Mario Kart 8 DLC a mini-review. All the tracks look great.

Really enjoying Wild Woods, Cheese Land, and Big Blue. The only real let down is Koopa City. It’s been nerfed (no wet patches) and isn’t a great track. Overall, very pleased, and the 200cc breathes new life into the old tracks. Thanks Nintendo.
Dark Anima 


Just for fun

In response to r-s-w and struggling when going back to Mario Kart 8’s 150cc mode, I too recently went back to it after a few months off and am struggling as well. I had (somehow) already won six out of eight of the 150cc championships and four with three stars, but there are two where I am struggling to just win the championship.

I think I might just play the 200cc as a local game with my family, just so that I do not get too demoralised before the new DLC arrives – looking forward to the review GC!


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Make friends and fight people

Can we have a Hot Topic on new friends readers have made through gaming? It would be interesting to hear how this came about. I’m mainly interested in the channels most people make gaming friends as I would like to make more friends through gaming.

(And I’m not talking about friends from school or work who we have gaming in common with. I mean brand new people we’ve met online via a forum, or playing online with headset or a Facebook friends page, etc.).
Attack on my Titan

GC: Yes, okay. We’ll give it a go in the future.


Real trophy

A couple of friends and me try to meet up every so often for a games night (and a takeaway) for some local multiplayer rather than just online. Things like jobs, studying, other halves and kids make this less easy. We are now trying to move to at least monthly, and at the last couple we have decided to introduce a competitive edge to the whole night, whereby each game we play will net you points, with most points at the end of the night being crowned the winner.

We have one this Saturday, and as we are introducing an actual trophy, I just wanted to say good luck to TUFCfan and Poolwizard. TUFCfan has order the trophy, and I will guarantee that’s the only time he will be holding it.

I also wondered how often readers actually played local multiplayer versus online, ignoring those in your household, as my wife regularly plays co-op and daughter is starting to show some interest, mainly in Peggle.


Time for wiki

Spoilers alert! OK, so I’m still buzzing my you-know-what’s-off for this game but I have gotten to a part now that for whatever reason isn’t happening for me. Basically I’m at the Nightmare of Mensis where you take the long route around to the left, past the stone throwers and into the castle, then kill the spiders.

After that section there is a hunter in a long corridor. HE, yes little old HE, is causing me great torment. Any suggestions here or indeed if there are alternate routes. The problem I have is that if you don’t kill the spiders in the castle then you get caught up with those and the hunter. If you do kill them and die by his hands you have to do it all over again and that huge spider is a big ass pain!

Still an amazing game though and I’m proud to have gotten where I have so far!
Ryan180 (PSN ID)/Rynodyno (NN ID)
PS: In light of all this generosity that the community is showing, I wonder how people feel about a trading of games going on? i.e., someone has had enough of one game and wants a crack at another of choice?

GC: You’re doing well. If you get stuck though the various wikis are invaluable, here’s an entry on the Nightmare of Mensis. As for trading we can’t really get into helping with that, but by all means organise it between yourselves.


Hunter of hunters

I envy those people who’ve been able to finish Bloodborne. Unfortunately I doubt I’ll ever be able to say the same. Just like what happened with Dark Souls, I’ve come undone at a particular point and feeling too discouraged to continue.


After beating Rom, I decided to finish Eileen the Crow’s questline. However, the Hunter you’re required to kill is an absolute monster, seemingly able to outmanoeuvre me at every turn. I end up wasting bullets trying to counter him, and he causes so much damage that I feel the need to retreat and heal each time he gets a hit in. I’ve been killed by this guy several times, and yet I feel that I can’t move on without dispensing some sweet payback for what he did to Eileen.


What caused me to call it a day, more than the constant deaths, was the grind that followed. After several attempts I’d burned through all the blood vials and bullets I had in storage, and I knew that I would need to return to an earlier section to grind for more consumables. Both this and the lengthy loading screens were the red flags for me, the point where I felt I was just wasting my time which could be better spent playing games which are more my speed. I know it’s an entirely optional side-quest I came undone on, but I don’t want to risk leaving a loose end left untied.

I love the game, and I know I’ll feel compelled to try again at some point, but for now I’ve reached the point where it’s going back on the shelf until I feel ready to face down the eldritch abominations again.
Andrew Middlemas


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American gamer

Do GC or readers have any recommendations for video game shops or attractions in Las Vegas or New York? I am due to go next month for my honeymoon and would welcome any suggestions.

I think I remember GC recommending Nintendo World in NYC a while back. Thanks in advance.
Eyetunes (PSN ID)
Currently playing: Walking Dead: Season One (PS4)

GC: Yes, Nintendo World is very good. It’s by the Rockefeller Center and the only shop like it outside of Japan. We also had a very good Reader’s Feature about taking a gamer’s honeymoon in New York a few months ago, which we’re sure you’ll find interesting.


Inbox also-rans

For anyone that doesn’t know, Oddworld: New ‘N’ Tasty has released on PlayStation 3, but for some reason it isn’t visible through the actual console, so I had to purchase it via the PS Store website, got it completely free thanks to the PlayStation 4 version appearing on PS Plus, bargain!
Ed Morris

Not sure if any readers have sent this in before but this Metal Medley To The History Of Video Games is a must watch for all like minded gaming and metal fans. Enjoy!!
Jaxon83 (PSN ID)

GC: Oh wow… that is amazing.


This week’s Hot Topic

The subject for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Cranston, who asks what’s your favourite weapon or attack in a video game?

You can name anything from a particular gun or melee weapon to a unique fighting move, special attack, power-up, or computer-controlled helper character. Vehicles are fine too, as long as it’s used to cause damage in-game then it’s still valid.

What is it about your choice that’s so much fun to use? Is it simply the amount of damage it causes, the unusual nature of how it works, the difficulty of pulling off its attacks, or simply the noise it makes when it works?

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