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Games Inbox: Star Wars: Call Of Duty, Mass Effect 4 exploration, and StreetPass Zombies

Star Wars: Battlefront - there are spaceships... but no space

Star Wars: Battlefront – there are spaceships… but no space

The morning Inbox wonders what a sci-fi Rockstar game would be like, as one reader worries about the voiceovers in Nintendo movies.

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Call Of Duty: Battlefront

I completely understand the cautious reaction to Star Wars: Battlefront. Sure it looks great, but beyond that it doesn’t really sound like what I was hoping. I think the problem is that by focusing on ground combat the problem is that there are really only the two Imperial walkers that we saw in the films and everything else has to be either made up or doesn’t make sense to use (like the inevitable desert skiff and the like).

Sure there was lots of shooter action in the movies but it wasn’t vehicle-based. When Battlefront was originally released it was just a straight up clone of Battlefield, at a time when LucasArts was coping every major game going and slapping a Star Wars name on it whether it made sense or not. And it doesn’t really make sense.

Star Wars is much better suited to a Call Of Duty style non-vehicles action. Probably not as quick and random as a Call Of Duty match but I’d still say it was much closer in tone than Battlefield. As others have said the least they could’ve done is have space battles but it doesn’t seem to. I kind of wish Activision had bought the licence and not EA.


Anything and everything

Very good round-up of Rockstar’s next likely move, GC. I didn’t realise there wasn’t actually any real evidence for Red Dead Redemption 2, but I’d still like to think that was the most likely one next. Although thinking about it, one problem is that the game was kind of set right at the end of the Wild West era so they’d have to go back in time for another game – which might seem a bit weird.

I do like the idea of a Rockstar sci-fi game, but what would that actually be like? Other than ultra cynical and dystopian. The closest match I can think in terms of films would be Blade Runner, maybe mixed with a bit of Brazil and… I’m struggling to think of a sci-fi that’s both gritty, funny, and deals mostly with lowlifes. Maybe that’s just all the more reason for Rockstar to do it.

Somehow I can’t quite imagine it though. I think they think that anything fantasy, even grounded sci-fi, would spoil their image. So failing that at least do a GTA spin-off that’s set somewhere other than America. Although I don’t think they’ll do that either, as I’m pretty sure they consider the whole satire of the American dream to be part of the package.

Ah, who am I kidding? Whatever they do next I’ll be buying it anyway. I’m not sure I really care what it is (as long as it’s not table tennis).
Purple Ranger


To boldy go

It looks like a big Mass Effect 4 reveal is definitely going to happen this year, given all the leaks, and I can’t wait. I really like the sound of the game being all about exploration, as that was what I loved about the first one. I think some people let nostalgia take over and forget that the Mako and exploring the random planets was actually pretty terrible. The controls were awful and the missions were very simple but the idea was great, and that’s what I hope the new games go back to.

So many indie games are about exploring and not fighting, you could argue that includes Minecraft, but almost no AAA game can get released without everything being about killing. Mass Effect 2 and 3 might have been more fun as a game but they felt much more restrictive and on the rails as a result. I’m not expecting Mass Effect 4 to be No Man’s Sky (which looks totally amazing), but I am hoping that it will take some time for a bit of shock and awe and not just bombs and bullets.

That and I hope it has some hot alien chicks for my space captain to chat up. (Sorry, I came over all Captain Kirk there at the end.)


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Handheld zombies

I’m response to Marv’s question on Monday morning. I bought both StreetPass games and they are pretty good for £6.49 for both. Get them and get those zombies slayed with a Wii remote, handbag, ray gun, camera, and a pillow. That’s the weapons I have at the moment.
woz_007 (NN ID)


Magical choice

Maybe this Hot Topic has been covered before, I’m not sure. During a conversation with my brother arose the thought, ‘What’s the best magic you’ve used in a video game?’
The criteria would specify that it has to be a ‘summon’ of any kind, so power-up items don’t qualify. Magic mushrooms and Tanooki Suits are void!

I’m curious if any readers would nominate my fondest spell from a 16-bit classic. If GC allows it I’ll let the Hot Topic run before sharing my personal favourite way to ‘inflict massive damage’.
Bad Edit (gamertag)/Bitdead (NN ID)

GC: By coincidence that’s pretty close to this week’s Hot Topic. Unless your favourite spell is Revive or something.


PlayStation Now Beta

Has anyone else managed to secure access to the closed PlayStation Now Beta? I got an email confirming my place and had a really quick go of F1 2013 to check it was all working. If I manage to play through some games on this platform maybe I’ll sling a Reader’s Feature your way in a few weeks!
Joe Apps at Dimp Digital4

GC: We’d welcome that. We already have one scheduled for this weekend, but the more the merrier – especially as people’s experiences may vary depending on their broadband speeds.


Silent protagonist

Call me crazy but a Nintendo cinematic universe doesn’t sound such a bad idea if they’re all CGI movies with a good budget. The absolute worse thing would be if they tried to do it live action, especially Zelda, as that would just look ridiculous. But something that actually had the tone of the Nintendo games, i.e. not super serious, would be really good I think.

People forget that Paper Mario in particular is a really funny game with some great dialogue. I know Sticker Star was bad but the other ones would be a great basis for a film. Although in those Mario is always mute, which is kind of a problem. Especially as you’ve then got the same problem with Link. In my opinion Link should never speak and giving some celebrity American voiceover (which is presumably what they’d do) is going to ruin it for me.

Ah, I don’t know. Maybe it’s not such a good idea after all. Imagine what they’d do to poor Samus as well, if Metroid: Other M is anything to go by. Maybe if they just make them all silent movies?


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Console research

I have a hankering for a new console and would like to know some information about the PlayStation 4. Currently I own a PlayStation 3 and I am considering using it and the games I have for trade-in against a PlayStation 4 but I need to know a few things first. I have several PS one games installed, will they play/transfer over to the PlayStation 4? Can I keep my saves? Will the downloaded PlayStation 2 games work also?

If it helps here are the questions in list form:

1. Will the installed PS one games work/transfer?
2. Will the installed PlayStation 2 games work/transfer?
3. Does it have a Twitch channel
4. Does it have a YouTube channel
5. Which console is the most quiet
6. Will my Xbox games transfer over if I buy an Xbone?

This will help immensely to make my decision a bit easier. I’d love both but will have to settle on one for now. Thanks for any assistance you can give me. My PlayStation 3 is gathering a bit of dust these days due to Steam on the PC and my ‘new’ quiet Xbox 360 and the fact it has Twitch and YouTube.

GC: We believe you can transfer PS one saves to the PlayStation 4, but we’ve never tried it ourselves – so perhaps a reader can confirm. The PlayStation 4 isn’t backwards compatible with the PlayStation 2, although that should come later with PS Now. The Xbox One is definitely the quietest next gen console, but it’s not backwards compatible with anything. We’re not sure we quite understand question three and four, but both consoles are able to use Twitch and upload saved videos direct to YouTube.


Inbox also-rans

I have this extra Steam key for the game Deus Ex, I already have this game so thought I would give it to you guys to give away to a lucky reader, thanks for all your hard work over the years, keep up the good work!

GC: That’s very generous of you. We’ll give it to the first reader who can name the PlayStation 2 era multiplayer shooter that was originally conceived as a Deus Ex spin-off.

I was wondering which one game GC and your readers most regret never completing? For me it would be Final Fantasy VII.

GC: For us it was Shadow Of The Beast on the Amiga. We’re pretty sure we didn’t even come close.


This week’s Hot Topic

The subject for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Cranston, who asks what’s your favourite weapon or attack in a video game?

You can name anything from a particular gun or melee weapon to a unique fighting move, special attack, power-up, or computer-controlled helper character. Vehicles are fine too, as long as it’s used to cause damage in-game then it’s still valid.

What is it about your choice that’s so much fun to use? Is it simply the amount of damage it causes, the unusual nature of how it works, the difficulty of pulling off its attacks, or simply the noise it makes when it works?

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