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Mario Kart 8 200cc comparison video runs at ludicrous speed

The fastest ever Mario Kart

The fastest ever Mario Kart

Nintendo has released new footage of Mario Kart 8’s super fast 200cc mode, as the lap time for existing tracks is cut by a third.

If we’ve one general complaint about the Mario Kart franchise it’s that it never seems quite fast enough, not even at the maximum 150cc class.

But now Nintendo has announced a new 200cc class for Mario Kart 8, and as you can see from the comparison video below it laughs in the face of those complaints.

The video features the Piranha Plant Pipeway track running at 150cc on the left and 200cc on the right. A lap at 150cc takes just under a minute, but on 200cc it’s barely 40 seconds.

The faster speed will also make 200cc the hardest mode in single-player, but the best thing about the new class is that it’s being added completely free in a new update due on April 23.

That’s the same day that the second paid-for DLC pack will be released, featuring two Animal Crossing characters and eight new tracks.

Both updates were detailed in the most recent Nintendo Direct, where it was also revealed that amiibo support for several more characters was being added at the same time.

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