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Mass Effect 4 and Mirror’s Edge 2 out before April 2016 claims analyst

Mass Effect 4 - artwork like this is all we've seen so far

Mass Effect 4 – artwork like this is all we’ve seen so far

Infamous games industry analyst Michael Pachter has made a number of predictions about EA’s line-up, but how accurate are they?

We’re not sure what qualifications you need to be a games analyst but the curious thing about the job is that there never seems to be any consequences if you get things wrong, and Michael Pachter has been wrong many times before.

But for the record he’s just posted a new report about EA for research company Wedbush, which reads as follows:

‘FY:16 [Financial year 2016] is expected to feature incremental releases Mass Effect 4, Mirror’s Edge 2, a new Need For Speed game, and Star Wars: Battlefront, as well as meaningful re-orders for Battlefield Hardline, which launched in late Q4:15.’

March counts as the fourth quarter for EA because that’s when their financial year ends, so when Pachter predicts Mass Effect 4 and these other games before the end of 2016 what he means is before April.

The big question though is whether this is based merely on educated guesses or some sort of insider knowledge.
Given his poor track record we’d imagine it’s probably just the former, and yet when it comes to Mass Effect 4 a launch early next year does seem entirely possible.

The last two games have both been released in the first three months of the year, and if the game isn’t unveiled until E3 in June you wouldn’t normally expect it to be out as soon as Christmas 2015.

Star Wars: Battlefront has already been confirmed to have a late 2015 release and a new New For Speed is also meant to be out this year, even if it hasn’t been formally announced yet.

But Mirror’s Edge 2 is far harder to guess at. In fact it’s not even certain EA is still making it, given the lack of information since it’s announcement in 2013. Although rumours last year also pegged it for a 2016 release.

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