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Nintendo NX: New Sources Claim the Presence of Cartridges

New Sources claim that the new Nintendo NX will use Cartridges, confirming earlier rumours …

In June , we discussed the possibility that Nintendo NX read cartridges rather than disk, since the brand The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was filed in the “ROM cartridge.” Today the rumour takes greater extent with sources corroborate this information.

The Wall Street Journal , respectable American business daily, has indeed published a few days ago an article involving sources close to Nintendo , which confirm the existence of Nintendo NX cartridges – the new console from the Japanese company, forthcoming March 2017. These individuals put forward several arguments in favor of this theory:

The industry experts say that the cartridges are a reasonable choice for the next generation console from Nintendo, the NX code name, because society is a much wider audience than Sony or Microsoft. Nintendo fans are particularly children, who may scratch discs and find the most difficult to break cartridges. Also cartridges start faster, are more difficult to hack and can be produced more quickly than disks.

If no official announcement has been made, it must be said that these data are tangible, especially if NX is a portable-cartridges, whether they evoke a past time, have in truth a large storage space and are very fast (think of SSD and hard drives), plus other benefits. While the cost has fallen dramatically, the time may be indicated for Nintendo to launch again in this adventure .


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