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Nintendo President: NX is not the successor to the Wii U

In an interview, Nintendo’s president Kimishima Tatsumi announced that the new NX console currently in development will not be a successor to the Wii U.

According to Kimishima, the new NX console will be a home console that is sold alongside Nintendo’s current Wii U and 3DS gaming devices. Kimishima did not give any details on the performance of the console, but he did say that it was meant to be a new gaming experience. This could allude to a more powerful console designed to be a better against the Xbox One and Playstation 4, but it might also point to a unique new interface similar to the Wii’s motion controls or the Wii U’s tablet.

During the interview, Kimishima was asked about the price of the Nintendo NX console, but he was unable to give a definitive answer at that time. According to Kimishima, developers are pushing Nintendo to add new features to the console, and Nintendo is carefully considering these suggestions. Although the new features would give the console new functions, it also would raise the production costs–hence Nintendo’s hesitation as it wants the console to remain affordable.

Although the NX console is still under heavy development, this information raises several new questions about what the NX console will be. It could be anything from a new Nintendo VR headset, to a high-end game console more powerful than the PS4, to essentially a tweaked Wii U with a new controller. At this time, it is impossible to know.


[Source: Toms Hardware]

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