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It’s official: Pikachu Changes Name, Demonstrations are Organized

At the moment, Hong Kong, demonstrations are organized against the Pikachu name change in the next Pokémon games.

Outraged fans gathered in the streets of Hong Kong to protest against the renaming of the most famous Pokémon Pikachu . This rather abrupt change will occur in upcoming games programmed by Nintendo Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon,  soon sold in the region (and is not happy).

This iconic Pokémon that has influenced generations will indeed be renamed …  Pikaqiu . It explains: Nintendo would standardize the translation of the names of his Pokémon for China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Instead of using the dialects to translate “Pikachu” , the brand decided to formalize the Mandarin term “Pikaqiu”, without any translation, in all Asian games. 

If the name change of the electric type Pokémon has motivated many to come demonstrate with yellow banners and plush Pikachu is actually due to the  gradual disappearance of Cantonese, spoken only in Hong Kong. the islanders would indeed preserve their language and not be imposed language of China.



Nintendo will reveal more information about the future name of the yellow hero of the saga in the day. Well we assure you, this initiative (as surprising and sad is she) is fortunately available in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

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