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Project Dream, the dream ends

The project to build a Dreamcast 2 by the team “Project Dream” ended. Stopping the console development was abruptly announced on 3 June on the twitter account Project Dream.


And that’s a shame, because the project had started quite well. The petition launched on change.org garnered 32,147 signatures. A photo of the OS prototype of the Dreamcast 2 has been published it 2 months ago, and the team was about to unveil a video presentation of the first prototype of the console. The team had even contacted SEGA for submit his future prototype.

But then why have all stopped? Just because the “talents” of the team left the project leaving its founder, Ben Plato, alone.

The sweet dream of one day seeing a Dreamcast 2 out into the world so just ended. To believe that the Dreamcast name really is cursed …

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