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So many games, so little time – Reader’s Feature

Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty! - where do you find the time?

Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty! – where do you find the time?

A reader worries that a family life and a lack of time is reducing his ability to enjoy new games, no matter how good they are.

I have been thinking this for a little while now and would like to question the GC crowd and some of their older members who have demanding jobs or young families to look after, do you still have the patience with games you had as a youngster?

When I buy a new game now if it does not immediately grab my attention I am extremely loath to pick it back up again for a second look, hence why my current lot of games includes (not including last gen) Alien Isolation, Lords Of The Fallen, Pro Evolution Soccer 2014, FIFA 15, Resident Evil HD, Dying Light, WWE 2K15, Battlefield 4, and Oddworld: New ‘N’ Tasty…

Now of all of these games my only one that is being played with anything close to dedication is Dying Light and FIFA. Alien I lost interest in fairly quickly, and considering how huge of a huge fan I am of the universe this surprised me. Same for Lords Of The Fallen, Pro Evo has no UT [Ultimate Team, we think – GC] so haven’t played that in ages.

WWE is boring, and when I get to games that I genuinely loved I got to points that I could no longer progress past and rather than look for solutions online I just lost interest, that can be said for both Resident Evil and New ‘N’ Tasty. Battlefield 4 is play sporadically at best.

I have been thinking of a reason for this recently and I think what it simply comes down to is a lack of time, when I was a young man/child I had no money but all the time in the world to push past frustrating parts of games, now I find myself with plenty of disposable income but no bloody time!

Therefore I am constantly buying games that get an hour, maybe two, out of before being given to friends, traded in for a massive loss or left in the collection. Thanks to Steam, my PC, digital downloads, free games, and emulators I now have more games than I could possibly complete in my lifetime, yet I am constantly returning to the few gems that really excited me, most recently XCOM: Enemy Within and Batman: Arkham Knight… I even lost interest in Dark Souls II after falling in love with the first.

Online multiplayer may be a little of a double-edged sword, as it enables me the instant gratification of a quick bash online when I’m pressed for time, but has also put a huge dent in my interest in single-player games fostering an actual hatred of artificial intelligence. No AI on the planet can compete to playing against real people.

But then against this even if the story is not great but the gameplay is excellent, or the characters are likeable and fleshed out, I can always return for more. I feel like I have gone off a tangent from my earlier point, I suppose what I am trying to get across is: is it just a lack of interesting characters, stories, interesting gameplay or is it just me in my old age narrowing my viewpoint of likeable games to a point that I have become incredibly hard to please?

By reader Raoul Duke1102 (gamertag)/Foetus1983 (PSN ID)

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