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Sony Announces “PlayStation 4 Neo”, “Premium” Version of the PS4

VIDEO GAMES: However, it will not be shown at E3 …

Rumours on a PlayStation 4.5 have been circulating for a while and were finally confirmed.  Sony on Friday announced a new version of its home console, hours before the opening of the E3 Show, to help it maintain its lead over rivals Microsoft and Nintendo.

This new version, dubbed “Neo PlayStation 4” will be a “premium” version of the PS4, said Andrew House, president of Sony Interactive Entertainment,reported  the Financial Times.  With better graphics and a 4K resolution, it will be sold more expensive than the $350 that is the price in the United States for the current PlayStation because the leader wants to be  “profitable from the start.”

The next games will be compatible with both versions of the PS4

The timing of this announcement just before the show E3, which opens Sunday in Los Angeles, can legitimately be interpreted as a strategy to grab the attention away from Microsoft, which is preparing to present a newer version of its Xbox One.  However, Andrew House warned that Neo would not be shown to the public at the American gathering of the video game industry. So we will have to wait Gamescom in August, the Tokyo Game Show in September or even, why not, the Paris Games Week in October to see the beast.

Last bit of information is that all games come out in the future will be compatible with both the PlayStation 4 with the current Neo. For developers, which will optimise their games for both versions, there will be a “little extra work that will be manageable,” Andrew House found.

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