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The 10 best Lego video games you can play


Forget Mario and Sonic (for now anyway) – one of the most popular gaming franchises in recent video game history is Lego.

The reason is simple – the games are easy to pick up, great fun to play, and accessible for all ages.

And with Lego Jurassic World set to be released in June, it’s high time we built a list of the top ten brick-based video games. A tough challenge indeed.

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10. Lego Island

Released on Windows in 1997, Lego Island was the very first Lego game ever made. With no plot as such, players could free roam the colourful island taking on a variety of missions, from delivering pizzas to jet-ski racing.

While it’s not dated particularly well, it remains a classic and a springboard for some truly great games.

9. Lego Racers

As a child there was something unsatisfying about building an awesome car out of… Read the full story

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