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Tomahawk F1: Chinese Console that Wants to Compete with Sony and Microsoft

Fuze Entertainment , publisher known to have financed in part the game Migthy No. 9 , presented yesterday its first console, the Tomahawk F1. Sold at 140 dollars, the console will compete with the Playstation 4 and Xbox One in the Chinese market. Just that.

Screenshot of the Tomahawk F1 ConsoleA déjà vu wins us when we discover the first images of the Tomahawk F1. The joystick makes us furiously reminiscent of the Xbox One, and the console recalls the design of the Playstation 4. The similarity does not end there since buying platform similar to Playstation Store from Sony. Good thing Fuze Entertainment will market the Tomahawk F1 to compete with the Playstation 4 and Xbox One next June .

The new smile, especially when you throw an eye to the characteristics of the console closer to shield portable with its Nvidia Tegra K1 processor of the Playstation 4 , especially as the console uses Android as OS. However Wang Feng, CEO of Fuze is not so crazy, in light of the console market in China.


Tomahawk F1 ControllersWith only $ 250 million, the home console market in China is a niche market , far from the $ 12 billion earned by the gaming market PC or 7 billion of mobile gaming. Playstation 4 and Xbox One are sold just 500 000 copies in the Middle Kingdom. At issue: the difficulty for traditional manufacturers to establish itself in a country where government censorship Sony and Xbox One strength to erase some of their services.

The Tomahawk F1 wants to miss the low position of Sony and Microsoft coming out a dedicated console for the Chinese market and able to introduce consumers to the AAA licenses . Indeed the Chinese firm as ammunition in partnerships with more than 200 developers, including Ubisoft and Koei Tecmo . Therefore a selling point, which account Fuze add Chinese games that Sony and Microsoft may market.


Another advantage is its price. Even if the console is far from achieving the performance of an Xbox One or PlayStation 4, its price will seduce more than one. The tomahawk F1 will be priced at $ 140 for its classic version . An elite version of the console will be available for $ 230 with a wireless charging support for joysticks and a bigger hard drive. A choice far from trivial since the console does not possess a drive, dedicated to dematerialized games .

A Virtual reality helmet will soon also be launchedA VR helmet is also in preparation . Again, it is the low-cost premium that with an advertised price of $ 170. It is unclear how Fuze might surprise at this price point.

This is an alternative that offers mid-range Fuze to the Chinese market. In proposing this console dedicated to China, the company hopes to attract consumers who have yet not been seduced by the home consoles. A risky bet but may be paid in the most populous country world .

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