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Weekend Hot Topic, part 1: E3’s most wanted

No Man's Sky - one of E3's biggest games

No Man’s Sky – one of E3’s biggest games

GameCentral readers discuss what they’re most excited about at next week’s E3 games expo, from Fallout 4 to No Man’s Sky.

It’s E3 2015 next week, so the subject for this weekend’s Inbox was a pretty obvious one, although actually narrowing down choices to the reasonable and plausible was less easy. Especially given all the revelations this week about what, and what will not, be shown next week by Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo.

The obvious choices like Fallout 4 and Uncharted 4 were amongst the most popular, but there was also a lot of interest in Nintendo’s line-up (including demands for more New 3DS exclusives) and a surprising number of… Read the full story

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