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Weekend Hot Topic, part 1: Favourite video game weapon

Lollipop Chainsaw – because we couldn't find a decent picture of the Cerebral Bore

Lollipop Chainsaw – because we couldn’t find a decent picture of the Cerebral Bore

GameCentral readers discuss their favourite weapons and attacks, from Streets Of Rage 2’s lead pipe to Dead Space’s plasma cutter.

The subject for this weekend’s Hot Topic was suggested by reader Cranston, and encompassed everything from guns and melee weapons to fighting game moves, special attacks, power-ups, and computer-controlled helper characters.

Interestingly, many of the choices were from older games – with many complaining that modern titles lacked the imagination of older, less realistic games. As such the two most popular choices by far were the Cerebral Bore from Turok 2 and the Knights of the Round summons from Final Fantasy VII.


Party bore

I’ll have to cheat here and mention not one but two of my favourite attacks. The first was from Turok 2 on the N64: the Cerebral Bore. It was shot out of a conventional gun in the form of a ball which would chase the unfortunate soul you were trying to kill until it reached their skull and you heard it crack open (great sound effects) and bore into them until their head exploded. It came into its own during the multiplayer – shooting it at your mate who, knowing it was coming would have to try and out run it (very difficult). In those days it was split screen local multiplayer, so it was hilarious when you see the reaction right next to you.

The second was the summon rats magic spell from Dishonored. I still remember the Boyle Party level – a rich aristocratic party with posh people everywhere… Finding a quiet corner and unleashing plagues of rats who would scurry round the corner into the party and attack anyone in sight and against the classical background music all you would hear are the toffs screaming and guards coming to try and stamp these rats out- absolutely hilarious.
Dj Kj


Here be dragons

Great Hot Topic. Almost every game features attacks and weapons making this an extremely tough choice. The Blue Shell from Mario Kart is one of my favourites, as is Juliet Starling’s mighty chainsaw.

However, my favourite attacks are the Aeon summons from the Final Fantasy series. These great beasts deliver huge amounts of damage to your enemies. Bahamut, Anima, and Leviathan being just a few. I wish every game featured the ability to summon a huge dragon.
Dark Anima


Really great

Once you found this baby and had the stats required to wield it (sometimes early on if you were lucky when taking out a black knight) not much could stand in your way.

Made the game almost easy mode once upgraded a bit. Furthermore, it didn’t seem to be used much by invaders and they did not appear to know how to handle it. It was big – I mean it was really big, had a long reach, hit like a truck and was really quick to swing.

It looked damn cool as well.

I give you…

The Black Knight Great Axe in Dark Souls.


10 Seconds: The Pain Begins

There was a brilliant attack in Psi-Ops called Mind Drain. Catch an unsuspecting foe from behind and you could drain their brain with something resembling Force lightning until their head exploded.

It was the sound effects that made the attack a cruel joy. Your victim would jabber in panic, there would be a rising tone and then everything ended with a meaty splat.

It’s always the consequences of using a game attack or weapon that matter to me. There’s nothing worse than being excited by a new attack or a big gun, only to find it hardly does any damage.

Mind Drain shone in that respect, dealing out the ultimate headache.
msv858 (Twitter)


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Modern weapons

The first weapon to come to mind was the Cerebral Bore from Turok 2. That however was really just a homing missile with a very gory animation. So I will discount that.

Then I remembered the Farsight in Perfect Dark. A sniper rifle that lets you shoot through walls with an X-ray style scope. That was a great concept and it is a pity it has not been returned to again recently. In fact given that both of my thoughts came from the N64 it is somewhat sad that nothing from the last three generations of gaming managed to jump out at me.


Works in a crowd

Great Hot Topic. After a lot of thought I would have to say my favourite weapon is probably the Winchester rifle from Read Dead Redemption, maybe an odd choice but I just really loved the action and animation of pulling the trigger especially on horseback. Also had a great sound, it would always be my go to weapon. Bring on Read Dead two.

An honourable mention has to go to the gravity gun from Half-Life 2, what a weapon! I would also like to mention the Knights of the Round Materia from Final Fantasy VII, not only was the animation longer than some games but it got me out of many tight spots. Finally, the Bane weapon from Borderlands 2 was hilarious (but frustrating) to use, really good fun with a group.
tyredf432ws (PSN ID)/hadouken86 (NN ID)


Lethal weapon

I was going to say the gravity gun but when I thought about it it isn’t exactly the best weapon for killing things due to its imprecision (unless it’s the super powered version) and I figured that others will probably give it a mention. So instead I thought of some other examples.

Pretty much any of the melee weapons in Hotline Miami are excellent due to their brutality and feeling of visceral connection when used, but the snooker cue is particularly memorable because you can throw it at an enemy which knocks them out and it splits in two; you then run over and use one half of the cue to perform a horrible execution whereby you stab into the enemy’s face and twist it about like you’re trying to light a fire to finish them off.

The stealth takedowns used by Batman in the Arkham series are also great, as they trigger a great animation that feels rewarding after working hard to get yourself in a position to take the enemy down unsuspected.

A special mention should also go to the nano rifle from Red Faction: Guerilla as it was really satisfying to treat a structure like a puzzle to take down by figuring out which parts of the building to dispose of with the nano rifle, which would lead to the building’s destruction.
Truk_Kurt (PSN ID)/Angry_Kurt (Twitter)


Bow down

My favourite weapon is the Moon Stone Cannon that is one of the weapons mounted on the Delphinus in Skies Of Arcadia. It is not used often (gotten late in the game) but when it fired enemies are absolutely annihilated as it is the most powerful attack in the game.

When used the whole ship bow pops open and the cannon extends out. It charges up and then shoots out a massive bright beam of light that engulfs the target. It is exhilarating to use, blowing away enemy ships, buildings and the giant gigas (artificial monsters used as weapons).

A special mention must also go to the imaginative cerebral bore from Turok 2. This gun shoots out a missile that locks on to the brainwaves of the target enemy. It attaches itself to the enemy’s head and uses a drill to bore into the skull and suck out bits of the brain and blood. It then explodes decapitating the poor victim. Brutal!


Izuna Drop

I love doing Flying Barcelona Attacks. I yodel every time I land one.
CaptainKarmarama (PSN ID)

GC: For the uninitiated he’s talking about Vega from Street Fighter II.


Violent ending

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood was the first game I played in the series. I thought it was fantastic, one of my favourite games of the last generation.

The weapons in the game were nothing new or extraordinary. Daggers, swords, axes, etc. have been used in countless video games. It was the finishing move animations that made the weapons stand out for me. Every weapon had a slightly different animation and this made you want to try them all to see how brutally you could put your enemies down. The war hammer to the nether regions always sticks in my memory!
MattyWhite1980 (gamertag)


Unfair advantage

When it comes to my favourite weapon in a game, it has to be either the Saradomin Godsword from Runescape, for its practicality, or the Mag-Charger from Timesplitters: Future Perfect, due to how hilariously, monstrously broken it is.

The Saradomin Godsword is an extremely powerful two-handed sword, and the fact that it’s a two-handed weapon gives you access to some of the more useful melee abilities, such as the strong and wide-hitting Whirlwind. Where the weapon truly shines however is its special attack – most high level weapons have special abilities attached.

The one this weapon has is Healing Blade, which hits significantly harder than normal, heals you for half of the damage you inflicted, and restores some Prayer Points (used for passive buffs). It can also have its power changed at a special altar which gives it passive health-and-prayer-point-drain instead of the special attack. Unless a fight mandates a shield, the Saradomin Godsword is still, after many years, my weapon of choice, just because of how useful it is.

As for the Mag-Charger… oh lordy. In single-player it’s a powerful, railgun-like, foldable sniper rifle that fires electromagnetic pulses that can fry various security systems, kill enemies, and can even be used for non-combat applications with its electronics-detecting scope. The fact it is the unquestionably best weapon in that level is evened out by the very scarce ammo.

However, in multiplayer this limitation is removed and it is made even stronger – It gains the ability to see through and shoot through walls. If someone managed to get the Mag-Charger and make it back to their base, or an equally fortified position with ammo, the game was over because you could literally spawn-camp enemies from your own base. This turned any map where we enabled the Mag-Charger into a demented cross of Capture the Flag and Team Fortress 2’s Saxton Hale mod. Good times.

Some honourable mentions for favourite weapons: the Starshard Edge from World Of Warcraft (truly beautiful dagger made from a constellation), the Grimoire Wing from Final Fantasy XIV (collapsible magitech book which looks and sounds spectacular in use) and the Vampire Knives in Terraria (Highly spammable, no-mana health-stealing projectile storm).


Special move

For me one of the most memorable attacks in a video game has to be Cloud’s Omnislash limit break from Final Fantasy VII. Having not seen or unlocked it in the Gold Saucer before the final encounter with Sephiroth, the first time witnessing this was for me something truly special.

After an epic and gruelling series of boss fights Cloud and Sephiroth find themselves fighting one-on-one. You see Cloud’s limit meter slowly increase as his rage builds, and his new limit break appears; Omnislash. Whoa what the hell is this? Once selected Cloud strides forward and unleashes strike after strike upon his foe in an awesome display of power and fury, thus vanquishing his nemesis for good.

A truly great ending to an all-time classic game and still gives me goosebumps whenever I think about it. Now if only I could erase XIII from my mind…


Tool for the job

My favourite weapon would have to be the homing mini-missile gun off Super Probotector on the SNES. Not the most powerful weapon I’ll grant you, but with baddies coming at you from literally all directions it was the perfect run and gun weapon plus it made an awesome sound. Still my favourite shoot ’em-up ever.


Practical defence

The best weapon is whatever you happen to be holding at the time and no game demonstrates this better than Dead Space. Stuck on a derelict space ship that needs repairing Isaac Clarke’s tools double as the perfect weapons for dealing with the aliens/re-animated corpses inhabiting the ship. More than that they’re an example of gameplay and story combining brilliantly.

Clarke is an engineer on a mining ship, it makes sense that he would find tools and have experience using them. Meanwhile enemies can only be defeated by removing their limbs/dismembering them and the one conventional weapon (an assault rifle) you find is useless against most enemies because of this. The various saws, welders and laser cutters, however, lop off arms and legs like there is no tomorrow.

Each weapon can be upgraded and has a secondary function that allows you to tackle encounters in a number of ways. The best and most versatile weapon in the game, though, is the plasma cutter. Essentially a pistol, and your starting weapon to boot, it’s not flashy just ridiculously practical. You can complete the entire game using it and there’s actually a Trophy/Achievement for doing just that.

Dead Space 3’s weapons were a let down because they were random collections of effects. They didn’t feel right and limited the game even more than the shoehorned-in action sequences. The best weapons are well thought out and have a role/purpose in the game. In the plasma cutter Visceral made the perfect tool for the job.
andy_b720 (PSN ID)
PS: A special mention too to the Typhoon from Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Completely pointless 99% of the time but it made two of the rubbish boss fights last about ten seconds, and for that it will always remain one of the greatest weapons ever.


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