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    Enjoyable, but Overall Very Bland, September 13, 2014
    Darcy (Wyoming) –

    This review is from: Destiny – Xbox 360 (Video Game)
    Well, like so many others I eagerly anticipated the release of this game that seemed like it was going to be a glorious mix of Borderlands, Mass Effect and World of Warcraft. I actually went to the midnight release (something I would have never considered before) and began the game that night. What I have encountered since is pretty…disappointing. I will begin with what I consider the negative aspects of the game and end with some good things, so here we go:


    1) DLC Promotional Bonuses Did Not Work. After entering in the codes to get my items, I never received them. My husband entered his codes the exact same way and DID receive his. I looked online and apparently other people were having the same trouble as well. Oh well, so much for pre-ordering…not really a big deal.

    2) The non combative gameplay is horrendously BLAND. Ok, this may just be me “being a woman”, but the “homebase/ tower” is just well…boring. I was expecting a place to buy and sell goods and customize my persona…you know like the Citadel on Mass Effect or the main cities on Warcraft. I am currently lv 12 and so far the only purpose of the Tower (aka HQ) is to turn in quests. There are NPCs that do have various gear and items, but they don’t come into play until level 20. In fact, almost everything doesn’t seem to be accessible until lv 20. So I guess I’ll just go grind through 20 levels and then have fun….

    3) Speaking of grinding…that’s essentially what most of the story quest seems to be. Highly repetitive missions on fairly static stages. HOWEVER, I will get into the pros of the combat and story line in just a moment. But let me just say, so far all the quests are very very VERRRY similar. And the drop rate for gear as of now is abysmal.

    4) The graphics on the XBOX 360 are worse than they were on the beta. I understand why they did this, but when I say worse I mean late PS2 games worse. Apparently this can be remedied with an XBOX One.

    5) There is a total lack of basic information and “how to’s” in this game. I get it, everybody rolls their eyes at tutorials for the most part, but in a game this size, a basic walkthrough of the Tower is needed. I keep running into stuff like “Spin Metal”, Weapons Parts, Vanguard rep and going “uh I think I know what this is….but what’s it for….*Googles query for the 10th time in 20 minutes*” I know what they are now thanks to the Almighty Internet.

    THE PROS: Alright, enough bitching. Now for the good stuff…which sadly will not take quite as long.

    1) The combat is enjoyable. It has an old fashion shoot em up arcade game feel to it (similar to Borderlands). The weapon selection is also nice and versatile for many styles of combat. My husband rolls a hunter while I barrel in as a titan and we all have a real swell time!

    2) This game is actually quite challenging. When I say challenging I mean like ol’ school Megaman challenging at times. I haven’t had a game have me on the edge of my seat in combat for quite awhile. This game does require tact and coordination at times, which I find quite refreshing from the usual “go blazing into the fray with God mode” games.

    3) BOSS FIGHTS 😀 …the boss fights on this game are a combination of “Balrog style giant menace” aided by an onslaught of minions. This makes for a crazy day at the office aka….all out run in gun slaughter fest.

    So that about sums it up. A promising game is really no more than a mediocre arcade style shooter. I would go so far as to compare it to the first EDF (Earth Defense Force). Now to give the game credit, I am only lv 12. However, this is the kind of thing you can expect before you reach level 20. Once that happens, perhaps the game lives up to its amazing expectations, but as of now …not so much. I would highly recommend grabbing a friend, lover, or spouse and playing this game co-op as it has been infinitely more fun that way!


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    Didn’t live up to the hype, September 16, 2014

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Destiny – Xbox 360 (Video Game)
    It was enjoyable for the first few days. The game revolves around you going to different planets and doing missions there. The problem is that these missions are extremely repetative; go here, kill grunts, shoot at big “boss” at the end and get a piece or two of armor. Random events usually involve you and whoever is sharing the map shooting some boss for 10 minutes till it dies.
    Bungie branded this as being a social game but there isn’t any voice communication that I have found.
    The backstory seemed pretty solid, but that was not really expanded upon. Storytelling was garbage, this is coming from someone who loves a meaningful backstory and character driven plot. Most of the time neither I or any of my friends knew why we were where we were or the importance of what we were doing. Peter Dinklage seemed pretty amazed though (he had an alright performance btw). Overall, the story was kind of in the background, which made me drop any interest in the game significantly (I can only shoot the same enemy in the same area for a while before it gets old without any support from the plot). Atleast when Mass Effect and Halo made me kill hundreds of enemies for hours on end, they rewarded me with a sense that I accomplished something important and that actually matters, not a chest piece that’s worse than the one I’m wearing.
    Controls were good though. Shooting certainly felt good and the other actions you can perform were satisfying to pull off.
    Graphically, this was awesome. Considering the Xbox 360 is at the end of the line, Bungie squeezed as much power as they could and the results were very impressive.
    Online matchmaking though. I know this game is meant to primarily be PlayerVsEnvironment, but Bungie could have atleast tried to make the PlayerVsPlayer aspect not seem like a chore to even load into. Basically inbetween matches you’re kinda just looking at your spaceship in orbit while the game sets up a match. This takes forever and when you have the requiered amount of people you gotta watch all those spaceships fly into the planet/map. Side note, the amount of cutscenes requiered to load somewhere, be it PvP or PvE, is ridiculous, around 2 minutes to go anywhere and scripted cutscenes that “drive” the plot are unskipable. The PvP is lacking in game modes, but since the focus is PvE I guess this can be looked over. Everyone’s character stats are also edited to make matches balanced, but this doesn’t fix the fact that the game still matches noobs with higher level players because since the players have similar stats matchmaking often ignores the amount of time each player has played, creating lopsided matches. Experience>Gear in FPSs, Bungie. After making pure gold with Halo’s matchmaking system, you woulda thought they would have kept some of the people responsible for that with them, instead it looks like they left them all at Microsoft/343i.
    Charscter customisation was alright, most players from the same class stand out agsinst each other, but you have to be level 20 to get cool looking stuff unless you want to rely on mediocre item drops.
    You can also dance at any time, which I thought was cool and each race has a different dance, kinda redeemed the game a bit.

    Overall the game had strong points, but all the stuff that should have been there (like a narrative) quite simply wasn’t. I didnt’t come in expecting a masterpiece, and I’m glad I didn’t because the only time I see myself playing this in the future is when I have nothing to do online and need to fill a few hours, and maybe not even then because Battlefield 4 and Skyrim are pretty amazing. Maybe wait for a price drop because this game wasn’t worth all the marketing and hype behind it. Maybe Destiny 2 will live up to the hype it will surely get.

    Edit: Game also needs an Xbox Live Gold account and an internal hard drive. It also needs a 15 minute install and update before you do anything.


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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    If you love first-person shooters, get in here., September 10, 2014
    George Coffee (Jacksonville, FL) –

    This review is from: Destiny – Xbox 360 (Video Game)

    If you like first person shooters, you’re probably gonna like this game. You may even love it.

    Here are 4 key review points followed by some more in depth analysis for those who want more info:

    – Game play (10/10): I have to say that in my opinion, they nailed this aspect. If you create a FPS, it better have top-notch shooting action. The gun dynamics are very satisfying–the weapons look, feel, and sound right. The fighting can easily swing from you crouched on the ground in the weeds slowly picking off far away enemies with a sniper rifle to you being smack in the middle of an all out, intense, frenetic fire fight. As this is Destiny, sometimes you’ll be fighting alone, sometimes with your co-op friends, or sometime with random people in the game who can run up and help you pick off a group of enemies. And the flying…ahhh the flying. Seems like you can’t build a shooter these days if your character can’t take to the air. As you level up you gain the ability, depending on your character, to more or less fly or glide through the air. The maps capitalize on this airborne element and more than once you’ll escape death by blasting off straight into the sky. Loads of fun.

    – Game world design (9/10): I think Destiny looks great. Unlike Borderlands 2, with it’s beautiful cell-shade design style that makes almost no attempt at realism, Destiny leans way more heavily toward stark realism but it’s simply rendered within a cartoon-like design. There’s almost no blood and gore, as the designers (clearly seeking to avoid a Mature rating) make things go all mystical when a bandit is killed. You are rewarded with a satisfying rag-dolling and drop of the aliens’ body after a kill but they sometimes, upon being killed, disappear into an explosion of light and color before fading away.

    – The installation (9/10): I got my pre-order copy on disc (usually do digital downloads). Installation was uneventful; probably took about 15 minutes or so from the time I inserted the disc until the time I was building my Guardian. With respect to the people posting one-star reviews because their equipment isn’t compatible, all I can say is if you flip over the box the game came in, the system requirements reads “Hard drive with 20 GB available storage space available.” So…yeah. Anyway. Try reviewing the actual product next time and take your hardware gripes to Consumer Reports.

    – The graphics (9/10): The game looks great to me. I don’t quibble over 1080 p or 720 or any of that. If at first glance it impresses my eyes, I’m good. I play on a 2 year old 55 inch Samsung HD LED television and the graphics look very impressive. If you’re on the fence, check out the game play online and see what you think.

    More details:

    Overall, I think this is a pretty fantastic game for this reason: the scope of the ambition. One critic here said that they game was generic and seemed like it had an identity crisis in terms of it didn’t know what kind of game it wants to be. It’s a fair criticism but I disagree for this reason: Is generic necessarily a bad thing? Sometimes generic, or to use a better term, “by-the-numbers” isn’t a bad thing. I love cheeseburgers. There’s not much to building a good burger; some ground beef, a white bread bun with sesame seeds, choice of cheese and your choice of fixings. Which means I’m going nuts with the current trend of all of these restaurants trying to put their own spin on the burger; this place uses potato bread for the roll, but this one uses a pretzel roll; this one uses Kobe beef but this place, shhhhh, they don’t even use meat! Just build me a good burger please. And that’s what Bungie has done. Built us a good shooter.

    Is Destiny’s design inspired by Halo? Ok, sure, I’ll give you that. There’s even some Empire Strikes Back (the sparrow speeder bikes are awesome), and Skyrim mixed in there. Is that a bad thing? Did Halo and Skyrim look bad? Those are a couple of very impressive games. Is Destiny also heavily influenced by Borderlands 2? Sure it is. But Destiny’s “gun porn” isn’t as effectively implemented as Borderlands 2. In Borderlands 2 you could bring up a fact card and 3-D picture of your gun where you could zoom in and out and spin it around as you adored it and the guns were so prominently interwoven into the story that they literally became characters that had somehow worked their way into the gamer’s lives. You’d often times hear Borderlands 2 players referring to their OP 8 corrosive “Norfleet” or their “Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold” with genuine affection. Jury is still out as to whether Destiny will be able to achieve that level of gamer immersion. But as I mentioned earlier, they get the shooting right.

    And speaking of shooting, it seems to me that this game loves a head shot, meaning when you shoot something you try and shoot it in the head. Some of…

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