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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Good Alternative To The PC Version, October 19, 2011

    = Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: The Sims 3: Pets – Xbox 360 (Video Game)
    I have been playing The Sims since the first game came out on release day so I have a more than a couple years in now. I previously purchased The Sims 3 for the PC and also on the Xbox 360. If you are accustomed to playing The Sims on the computer, the Xbox version will be a bit of a change for you. There is some missing functionality that you might be accustomed to. But I find that it is still a very entertaining game and one of the few games in this genre available on the 360 console.

    Here are my findings so far. Please let me know if I got any of this wrong!

    Some things I was disappointed about:

    *Still no edit town button on the town screen. I like to fill the town with my created sims vs. the developer created ones. Could not find a way to do this on the Xbox version.
    *Maintaining/deleting unwanted downloaded clothing and items is still a pain. Why can’t I delete unwanted content from the Edit Sim screen???
    *This is not an expansion pack, it is a completely separate game. So be ready to say goodbye to the sims you created in the Xbox version of The Sims. Time to create some new ones. I was hoping for an import option from one game to the other sort of the way Fable or Mass Effect works. Missed opportunity here in my opinion.

    And here are some things I liked:

    *The pets are really great. By far the best pets experience you will have in The Sims so far. Being able to control the pets adds a lot to the game. There are no horses in the console version but that doesn’t bother me personally. I’m more of a cat person.
    *The Digging and Hunting options for the dog and cat are really fun!
    *There are some sort of town mysteries that you can figure out. I didn’t get to try these out much last night, but they seem like they could be fun.
    *I really like the new town, much better than in the previous Xbox game. There are a lot of nice parks and it seems like there is more open space between lots.
    *The Karma Powers are just as cool as on the first 360 game, but there are even more of them now.
    *Challenge Points are a great way to make you try out everything the game has to offer.
    *Achievement Points. Need I say more?

    Overall I find this game to be a great addition to my Xbox game library. It might not be able to compete with the PC version in expandability and configurability, but what console game can? If you don’t have a computer fast enough to play the PC version, buy this. If you like playing games on the console instead of the computer, then give it a try. It’s fun!


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    3.0 out of 5 stars
    game would be great if not for a few big technical issues, October 24, 2011

    = Fun:3.0 out of 5 stars 
    This review is from: The Sims 3: Pets – Xbox 360 (Video Game)

    Sims 3 pets for XBOX 360 needs to be patched by EA.
    EA’s not trying to fix console issues right now, because EA said that not enough people are bringing the ‘console’ game issues to their attention.

    Here’s what i noticed right away in just a few hours of gameplay:

    -Fine Control doesn’t work, by pressing RT and rotating objects in buy/build mode, you can only turn object in 8 directions, you can’t turn and place object in just any angle anymore, and you can’t place object any spot other than the spot it locks on, on the grid automatically. This option was supposed to be in this game, it even sais so in the manual in tutorial. And Sims 3 for XBOX 360 could do it.

    -Game is unusually quiet, because i noticed that the sims’ objects television and computer has no sound at all.

    -(An issue for Canada version players is that they didn’t get the 12 hour clock like the United States did. They got the 24 hour military clock like the UK instead, with no option to swich it. (And Canada Always Used To get the 12 hr clock like the U.S. in all previous sims games.)

    -Sims clothes in live mode look dull and faded, and i noticed jean material to be kind of blurred.
    -Game play seems kind of slow, feels like a bit of delay when you click to do anything.
    -Fast forward can make a bit of stutter or can send my sim flying across the room or float across room sometimes.

    -If sims click on pet and select ‘ask to follow’ sim, that command doesn’t work.
    -A pregnant NPC had a stomach on bottom but flat on top, like a pouch, so you could see inside her.
    -My sims character lost her voice and i had to replace my lot to get her voice back. nothing else could fix it.

    -Glitches from Sims 3 for XBOX 360 return in Sims 3 Pets for XBOX 360, you still can’t place picnic baskets on community lots, and if you place it at home, it glitches the spot on the ground it was placed on. – Also you still can’t stand on swings even though the option to click it is there.

    Now for some good things:

    -We have hot tub and sectional sofa objects now.
    -Not a big amount of new objects in this game, but the new objects are great.

    -Lighting is more realistic in this game, everything but clothes seems more clear, without everything being so dark, glowing or blurry as much anymore. Now I can see the tops of beds, carpets and counters more clearly, and walls, floors and objects look better in this new brighter lighting.

    Also the sims faces, make-up and hair are much more clear.(and hair is glossy). In sims 3 for console lipstick used to appear mostly red and black, but not in this game.(And if you zoom in in live mode you can even see their eye color now.)And thats with composite cables on a standard tube tv. Another thing though is, night time can appear kind of dull colored if you don’t set some lights in the house to ‘high’.

    It would be nice if they make a patch for 12 hr clock, fine control, and the silent TV and PC’s. That’s the only way the game would deserve 5 stars.


    -April 2 2012–just updating this review several months later, to let people know that there’s a ‘Huge, HUGE’ serious BUG that can happen in the game that you can’t recover from, and deleting the whole game and replaying the disk won’t even fix this:(i’ve checked the internet and found others that are having this same game bug too and they couldn’t fix it no matter what they did either){also, i cleared cache AND by the way, the game wasn’t on my harddrive, its just normal disk play. still this glitch remains}

    Here it is: all of a sudden now, for any new game started, or continued, the inventory’s “backpack”, is already 1/3 full in orange, even though ‘Nothing’ is in your back back, nothing in your inventory, and nothing in your offsite storage.
    It wasn’t doing this before. the only thing that i could see that might have started this game breaker glitch, the thing different i started doing when i noticed this is:<[1.-i used offsite storage for the first time. 2.- and, i saved unlocked story items to a lot and started a new game save and loaded it there, and took those items to other lots. 3.- and, i moved to every house and replaced all houses with another house in the game.]>…(now i can hardly put anything in inventory without it filling saying theres no more room, then getting stuck on that screen because it doesn’t let you press B button to go back when this happends.)

    I wonder how the bug is staying because as i said i deleted Everything,the whole game, cleared cache and started again. usually deleting the whole game or deleting all items saved in game, replacing house, moving, or reseting with mailbox, should have fixed any glitch, but not this one for some reason. this bug is Staying. EA needs to look into this, because This Thing Definitly Needs…

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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Addictive to watch and play, January 3, 2013

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: The Sims 3: Pets – Xbox 360 (Video Game)
    I bought this for my gf for Christmas with the Sims 3… needless to say, we really only needed this one. Ridiculously addctive. I sat and watched her play for hours helping her decide on color schemes, clothing, decoration… who would of thought that a game about life would be so fun to play?


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