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    From the Average Gamer…This is Pretty Good!, May 29, 2014
    Bobby Q (Colorado) –

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    I’m just an average gamer that has a passion for gaming. I like reviewing games because I’m not a fan boy and don’t get paid to favor one thing over another. I did not follow Watch Dogs over the years as it was being developed. I actually did not really look into the game until about 2 months ago. I kept hearing about the game but had no idea what it was about. Since I wasn’t really playing other console games the past couple of months I decided to pre-order the game since it was an Ubisoft title and always loved Ubisoft games. So I will go over the pros and cons of the game.

    – Same feeling as other open world games. This could be good for other people but after playing the GTA games and Assasin’s Creed games, you don’t get that full excitement of open world like you did with GTA 3 and AC1 and 2.

    – Repetition. I ended up playing the game most of the night but it’s pretty repetitive when you are doing side missions. You hack someone, track them down, then knock them out or kill them.

    – You can only have one save. So far Ubisoft only allows you to have one save and its tied into your Xbox live account. If you want to start a new game you have to use a different account. I haven’t looked at all the achievements but this does not give you a chance to play a good guy and then a bad guy or vice versa.

    – Online play. They say its optional and it is…but if you want to turn it off you lose all your notoriety (points that rank you against other players).

    – Unique story line. People are comparing this game too much to GTA 5. Well you shouldn’t because the story line holds up on it’s own. Some people say it started off slow but I feel the main story line started off with a bang.

    -Detail. I’m not talking about the graphics here. I was shocked to see that every single person you run into the street has a story. Basically when you are in scanning mode, every person has their age, profession, income and a sentence explaining what stands out about them. EX. I was running around just wanting to destroy stuff. Just ran into the middle of the street and a car came close to hitting me. I pulled out my gun and aimed it at the driver. I actually felt sorry for him and I couldn’t kill him. He was a custodian, didn’t make much money, and his brother was murdered. I couldn’t bring myself to bring him to his end but I love a game that can make you feel connected to the game like that.

    -Talents. Like most RPGs this has a point system to upgrade you abilities. For Hacking, Combat, Driving and Crafting. You do have to follow upgrade trees because some of the better abilities don’t unlock until later in the game. I find the trees simple and easy to understand. Also adds that extra excitement because the next thing is something that can always help you out.

    -Chicago. Even though this has the same feeling as other open world games…it’s always nice being able to run around a town you never been in before. I already read from people that actually live in Chicago, that a lot of the places are inaccurate besides the landmarks that are really there. But to me, it’s different.

    -Content. There is a lot do and a lot to learn. When something new comes up you get a tutorial window popping up for it. At the same time you have to find your side missions by hacking other people, or sometimes a side quest will pop up and you can accept it. When I first started I felt overwhelmed just because I just wanted to scan people around me to read their profile, lol.

    -Play the way you want. When doing missions you can approach them guns blazing or using stealth. Either way can be successful and at the same time, it adds enough change to want to try it both guns blazing and using stealth.

    Final thoughts:

    You will not be complaining about lack of content since there is so much to do.

    Too many people seemed to be turned off by Ubisoft for delaying the game and all of a sudden..they have nothing good to say about it. I guess you are entitled to be upset…but the game is out…just enjoy it for what it’s worth.

    (This part was written from playing on the Xbox One)
    The graphics are good, but at the same time, not a huge upgrade from what you will see on PS3 or 360. To me the graphics were good. Could they be better? Yes they could but that didn’t upset me. People don’t seem to understand that if you release a title for current and previous gen consoles, you are not going to have a major graphics improvements. That is why I won’t judge a game by its graphics until the end of 2014 and 2015 comes around. By that time, there will be titles that have been developed only for the new generation.

    The game definitely has its ups and downs. There is still a lot to do but at same time you can get bored. After taking a 20 minute break… you are itching to play again. I was doing that…

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    May be slightly more fun to actually watch dogs play than to play Watch Dogs., July 2, 2014
    Raven Wilder (Michigan) –
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

    This review is from: Watch Dogs – Xbox 360 (Video Game)
    Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What’s this?)

    I like open-world games. However, I have to wonder how this game won any awards. Granted, I haven’t finished it yet, but I’m a good way into the game and I’m not seeing anything here that hasn’t already been done better in other games. The hacking component is an interesting addition to the GTA style of play, but it’s really not that amazing and actually gets a little boring after a while.

    Now, I’m not saying the game is bad. Three stars is “average” as far as I’m concerned. I’m just not seeing how it lives up to the hype, and to be honest, I found the characters kind of unlikable. I don’t know if it was the voice-over work, or just the general blandness of the characters, but I just didn’t like them. They didn’t grab me and keep my interest. For example, in Red Dead Redemption, I was ENJOYING being John Marston. Meanwhile, I care so little about Aiden Pearce in Watch Dogs that I had to look up his name after being away from the game for a day.

    One thing that kills one whole star in my review is the driving control. The cars control very loosely, like they’re driving on icy roads. When you’re slamming into things all over the place because the driving physics are so wacky, you get frustrated. Being able to change the traffic lights via hacking was pretty cool, I’ll admit, but it didn’t make up for the driving being the way it is.

    Hacking individual pedestrians is interesting for the first five minutes, and then you realize it’s really not DOING anything but filling in for the “picking up random money lying around” game mechanic of other games. Instead of picking stuff up, you hack people and get their ATM information, and then you steal money from them. Big thrill. Sometimes you find out that they’re about to commit a crime, so you have to high-tail it to where the crime is about to happen and carefully sneak up on them so as not to alert them, so you can catch them in the act. The problem with this is that everyone is hyper-aware, and if you walk into a room filled with people while someone’s about to commit a crime, they somehow are able to pick you out as the guy who’s there to catch them, despite you not looking like a cop or doing anything particularly suspicious. Again, it’s frustrating.

    If the potential criminal runs away before going through with their crime then you can’t do anything to them without being penalized. for it. It makes little sense. If the guy was going to kill his girlfriend and just stopped because he saw you out of the corner of his eye, why wouldn’t you want to stop him ANYWAY to prevent him from going back later and doing it when you’re not there? It’s just plain stupid the way they worked out some of the crimes you’re meant to prevent, because they don’t actually want you to PREVENT them– They just need you to catch them in the act. But you’re a vigilante, not a cop. You really shouldn’t care about catching the guy in the act so much as preventing him from acting in the first place. It’s a logic breach I can’t accept in a somewhat sloppy story.

    Now, is it fun to play? Yes, mildly so. It’s not as fun as I’d hoped, though. I’m not a kid, though, so maybe some of the “cool” factor is lost on me. All I know is that after playing for a while it just feels repetitive and I find myself shutting down to do something else. Most of the time, it just doesn’t feel like you’re really accomplishing anything in this game. It’s like they had an interesting concept– hacking everything– and then didn’t build up much of a game around it.

    This is a moderately-good GTA/Saint’s Row clone without as much humor or fun as the originals. It lacks sorely in character development and likability, and the driving mechanics make car chases a lot less fun than they were in GTA or Saint’s Row games. The combat is decent, and the story is acceptable but not groundbreaking. Everything looks good and the sounds are well-done, but overall it feels like a cardboard world you’re running around in, and you just never feel an attachment to what’s going on around your character. Personally, I also found it difficult to root for Aiden Pearce, as he’s restricted enough to not be crazy fun like a GTA or Saint’s Row character (You’re penalized for harming civilians, for example), and he lacks much in the way of a personality. He just feels like a stereotypical hacker vigilante archetype and slapped him on the screen expecting players to make him interesting somehow… And it’s not easy.

    It feels like the “Under The Dome” (TV show) of video games: Great concept slightly soiled by dull or dim-witted characters who you try to like, but just never do, and thus you never really care who live or dies, who wins or loses, and won’t be terribly upset if you never see the ending. It’s junkfood. It’s mildly entertaining, “I’m bored with GTA and Saint’s Row so this will do until a new one comes out” off-season filler. It’s what you play in the summer…

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