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    NOT a Self Contained Portable Unit., May 14, 2014

    This review is from: GAEMS Vanguard Personal Gaming Environment for PS4, XBOX ONE, PS3, Xbox 360 (consoles not included) (Video Game)
    This product is meant for gamers on the go but not a self contained stand alone portable unit. It has no internal power source within the case. It needs to be plugged into a power source.

    First time turning it on and increasing the volume you’ll notice the speakers are loud. The matte screen is best preventing glare compared to the glossy screen the GAEMS Sentry 155 has. (Minor nuance, the PS4 controller light detracts from the gaming environment with the 155 because of that.)

    I picked up the Vanguard Black from another online vendor and looking to purchase another for my wife. Same size and features as the Blue Vanguard 190 (19.0″ monitor) and the UNSC model (unless you’re a big HALO fan; save yourself $20-$50, go with the blue or black and add your own stickers. Or buy a game with the money saved.)

    The Vanguard models fit the PS3, XB360, PS4 and XB1. And YES, it closes and latches. At its heaviest, the unit weighs nearly 20lbs when everything is loaded inside with the XB1 and the lightest at about 17lbs with the PS3. I game with a pair of Turtle Beach XO Seven headphones and if anyone else does, it just won’t fit inside. A pair of in-ear earbuds is plenty. Especially for night gaming and the unit offers two headphone ports.

    **On a side note, I purchased the the GAEMS Sentry 155 (15.5″ screen) for my younger brother through a unpopular brick and mortar game retailer with my reward points. It can fit all four units but the XBOne is so large that you may want to bring an extra bag to carry the peripherals and accessories. It fits everything but it’s tight like the Vanguard.**

    Good thing the company includes the sling. Its still heavy for one shoulder carry for extended periods. I’ve modified my unit, I drilled and bolted on two low profile metal loops to utilize my rifle slings with rigged sternum straps and carry it like a backpack.

    I spray painted black over the GAEMS etching near the handle and engraved my own personal ID number on the case, the screen and on my consoles. If anyone’s seen this case and knows its contents, you do make yourself a target out in public away from the gaming community.

    The case is good in protecting the unit from minor bumps and scrapes. It’s not a case you can toss and knock around. The unit should last a good number of years if it’s cared for as a you would for a case with a laptop. Solid construction, the latches won’t snap off or accidentally open. There are loops for a small lock to further improve security. I would like to see a backpack feature in the future. Even molded foam with inner frame in ballistic nylon to shave off weight but keep the protection and structural integrity. Maybe even an anodized aluminum case.

    If you want to game in the car or have kids who want to game in the car, you’ll need at least a 400 watt power inverter. I’ve ran it on a 400 watt and 550 watt inverter in all my vehicles. It is important you have your vehicle running, that way your alternator can recharge the battery as you consume power, especially with this unit.

    I have traveled with the Vanguard several times now. Most recently from CA to OK. My wife and I camped during first week traveling to OK. Didn’t game in the SUV during that time but I did test it with the 550 watt inverter and it worked. We did stay at some backward-time hotels on our return trip home. Backward-time means the hotel room had no HDTVs but they did have outlets. I gamed for a few hours each night to finish a rental game and mail it back when we returned home.

    Overall, a great product for gamers on the go who have access to external power sources.


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    It would the perfect product if was not having problems, April 30, 2014

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: GAEMS Vanguard Personal Gaming Environment for PS4, XBOX ONE, PS3, Xbox 360 (consoles not included) (Video Game)
    I always wait about a month or so to leave reviews on electronics. Ever since the past two weeks I’ve having a very aggravating problem. The problem is that sometimes when I turn on the tv the screen goes completely white. Other times it’s stays blue with G logo and shuts off after 30 seconds. The thing is I have to shut off my playstation 4 a few times with the power button because I’m not able to see anything on the screen. I’m deployed in Afghanistan and this is the only tv or any sort of entertainment. So it’s kind of annoying when it doesn’t work most of the time.

    I wait about an hour and try it again and sometimes it works but sometimes it doesn’t. It was working fine the first week I got it. It’s not the heat or sand over here because I live in a nice clean AC building. And when it works it works fine. This would be my best investment I’ve made in a long time if it wasn’t for the TV issue. I will contact amazon for a replacement and see if It gets approved.

    Other than that. This case it’s amazing. Enough space for controllers, wires and a cd case for games. The TV is bright enough and the speakers are really loud even though I don’t use them much. I like the dual headphone jacks. The case itself it’s high quality and you can put locks on the hinges. If I get it replaced with a new unit that works better. I will change this review rating.

    So I got a replacement a few months later and now the TV has one dead pixel. If not that bad but it’s still a dead pixel for a $350 dollar system… So I will still give this a two star because of the dissapointment and the how much time it has taken to resolve this issue or not getting a unit thats a 100% good. These guys at Gaems need to work in quality assurance before shipping a product.


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