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    Go for the bundle!, June 26, 2014
    Vdub (UT, USA) –
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    This review is from: Xbox One Console + Kinect (Video Game)

    More than half a year since the Xbox One’s launch, here are the Xbox One console options:

    Xbox One: MSRP $399
    Xbox One + Kinect: MSRP $499
    Xbox One + Kinect + Titanfall: MSRP $499
    Xbox One + Kinect + Forza 5: MSRP $499
    Xbox One Day One + Kinect: MSRP $499 (Discontinued)

    As you can see, it should be obvious to at least rule out the 2nd option since it’s clearly the worst deal of the bunch. Then the question becomes, “Is it worth $100 for a game and the Kinect?” This question, however, doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all answer. But I will try to at least give you some guidance.

    First of all, I am happy to have the Kinect sensor, even though I use it mostly for voice commands. I have also used it sparingly to play a few Kinect games such as Kinect Sports Rivals, Just Dance, and Xbox Fitness. But I will tell you this: If I had bought the Kinectless bundle, I would probably never have bought it separately. Word is that Microsoft will start selling the Xbox One Kinect alone for $199 later this year, which is clearly not worth it. It becomes a much easier sell when you see it as paying $100 extra to get a $60 game and the Kinect sensor, which kind of makes it like $40. Or even $100 for the sensor could be a MAYBE on its own. But definitely not $150-200 for only the sensor. The point is, if you are even a tiny bit on the fence, just get one of the Kinect+Game bundles so you don’t regret it later. But I can also admit the Kinect is not for everyone, and if a few extra games and voice commands are not worth it to you, by all means save the money and go Kinectless.

    With that out of the way, let’s say you decide you want one of the Kinect bundles. Should you go with Titanfall or Forza 5 as your free game? Again, there isn’t just one right answer. Both are great games, but both have their weaknesses.

    [+] I find it overall the more fun game in small bursts. Especially if you tend to play over Live with friends. It seems more enjoyable to just jump into an FPS like this for a little bit, while chatting and fragging with a buddy
    [+] Value-wise, Titanfall beats Forza simply because it’s newer and would cost more to buy separately than Forza 5 (being a relatively old launch game)
    [-] Multiplayer only. No campaign whatsoever. For some this doesn’t matter, but I personally quite enjoy having the option to switch between being more immersed in a story, and some classic social killing
    [-] No longevity. Being multiplayer only, with no local multiplayer, you are at the mercy of the servers. In a few short years, your game will be rendered unplayable for the rest of eternity. If the last console generation is any indicator, this will also happen well before the following generation of consoles is even out.

    Forza 5:
    [+] Honestly, this is still one of the most graphically impressive games. Though to be fair, car games are always a little easier to impress with, since we’ve been saying “WOW IS THIS REAL LIFE” ever since the PS2. But it helps that this wasn’t a multi-console release like Titanfall was, so they didn’t need to cater at all to previous generation hardware in developing the game.
    [+] If you are generally interested in racing games, I think this is definitely one of the better ones. It’s a lot of fun, and the racing physics are spot on. Very immersive with a fun career mode.
    [+] Single player *and* multiplayer. So unlike Titanfall, you can still at least play single player mode 10 years from now. And if you’re just not in the mood to get destroyed by 10-year-olds on Xbox Live, single player mode can offer a nice getaway
    [-] Microtransactions. Huge pet peeve here. They very blatantly withheld game content that would have otherwise been included. If you want all the cars, or even the same number of cars Forza 4 had, be prepared to pay up. UGH.
    [-] Launch game = bargain bin. By now, it probably wouldn’t be too difficult to find a used physical copy of the game for pretty cheap.

    In my opinion, a huge minus for both games is that it appears including physical copies of games with console bundles is officially a thing of the past. I won’t complain too much since it’s basically free, but I much prefer a physical copy for a few reasons: Doesn’t take up as much space on my small unswappable 500GB hard drive, will never have to worry about download servers being down if I need to redownload the game at some point, and simply the satisfaction and tactile feeling of something real in my hands, with a pretty case and artwork, that can sit in my video game collection with all the other junk I’ve purchased. I will admit you lose a little bit of convenience compared to being able to change between your full games without swapping discs, but for me the pros of disc outweigh the cons. Like I said though, everyone’s opinion is different on this, and since it’s included for free, it’s still way…

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    Highly Recommended (I own both Xbox One and PS4), July 8, 2014
    Alex Fiuk (East Coast, USA) –

    This review is from: Xbox One Console + Kinect (Video Game)
    Admittedly, I sat there at E3 2013 watching Microsoft’s and Sony’s press conferences thinking: “wow… PS4 is going to crush Xbox One.” But since buying both consoles at launch, I barely turn on my PS4. Despite some flaws, the Xbox One is superb.

    *** Key: ✔-Positive ✖-Negative ⓘ-Informational/Neutral ***

    ✔ 8-core processor means seamless multitasking and switching between apps
    ✔ The built-in wifi adapter works very well; I never experience lag while playing online despite my less-than-optimal internet speed
    ✔ You can use an external hard drive to expand the 500 gb hard drive
    ✖ The graphics processor is not as robust as the PS4’s. This is why many games run 1080p on PS4 but not on Xbox One.

    ⓘ 3.1 x 10.8 x 13.1 in
    ⓘ The “front” USB port used for connecting controllers is actually on the left side (if you’re facing the console). This could potentially be annoying if wanted to position the console directly next to another object.
    ✖ The console is big and clunky. Certainly doesn’t come off as a next-gen console appearance wise (whereas the PS4 is quite sleek)
    ✖ You CANNOT stand the console vertically. Physically – it’s possible. But Microsoft has warned against standing your xbox up. This – combined with its large size – can make finding space for your “uno” challenging.
    ⓘ These design quirks will undoubtedly be improved upon with future versions of the console (think Xbox 360 Slim). However, early adopters will be punished in this regard.

    ✔ Beautiful, bright, and well-organized dashboard provides for an extremely pleasant experience every time you turn it on. You can customize the dashboard by changing the color scheme (I prefer the traditional “xbox green” myself) and by pinning your favorite apps for easy access.
    ✔ Seamless transition between gaming, apps (Hulu, Netflix, etc.), and cable TV changes the way you consume entertainment
    ✔ Snap functionality is awesome! You can pull up cable TV, your favorite streaming service, the Party app, etc. in the top right corner of the screen. I like watching TV with this feature for extra background noise when playing games.
    ✔ The voice commands have improved dramatically since launch. And trust me, it seems gimmicky at first… but you’ll really appreciate the ability to turn the console on/off, raise/lower the volume, and switch between Hulu/Netflix/TV/Games when you lay down and realize you left the remote on the other side of the room.
    ✔ Xbox live still feels like a much more cohesive and vibrant community than PSN, even in this next generation. And Microsoft has finally answered Sony’s PS+ “Instant Game Collection” with its own “Games with Gold” offering.
    ✔ I like achievements way more than Sony’s trophy system

    ✔ Feels even better than the already-great Xbox 360 controller
    ✔ Battery lasts a long time when using the play and charge kit
    ✖ I own 4 controllers. 2 of them feel like the seams on the side are offset the slightest bit… As if they just don’t come together as well as they should.
    ✖ The triggers seem to have lost their tension fairly quickly (might be partly due to the constant acceleration and braking I’ve been doing in Forza)

    ⓘ Realistically, most blockbuster games nowadays are released on both Xbox and Playstation. Exclusive titles – which come down to personal preference – provide some differentiation. So far, however, no real meaningful exclusives have been released. Xbox has Titanfall, Forza, Ryse, and Dead Rising; PS4 has Infamous and Killzone. For the average gamer, none of these are compelling enough to make a difference. Going forward, however, Halo Master Chief Collection and Halo 5 may sway some gamers toward Xbox. Then again, Sony – at least in my opinion – has had the better arsenal of exclusives (Uncharted, Last of Us, God of War, etc.).

    –Final Comments–
    Microsoft set out to create a holistic entertainment experience with the Xbox One. Being a hardcore gamer, I was skeptical at first. But they really made it work. I use my Xbox One significantly more than my PS4 (and I was rooting for PS4 the whole way up until launch). And this bundle is a great value: for the standard $500 price tag, you get a free quality game in Forza. I recommend getting this over the $400 kinect-less version, as kinect truly adds to the overall experience.


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