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    Xbox One Bundle Comparison, November 3, 2014
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    This review is from: Xbox One Limited Edition Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Bundle (Video Game)
    There are now several Xbox One bundles to choose from over the holidays, and this Call of Duty bundle is a good option. But just in case another one will be a better match for you, here is a comparison with holiday price drops:

    Xbox One, no Kinect: $349
    – Barebones, nothing extra, not a great deal, don’t get this one.

    Xbox One with Kinect: $449
    – Same as above, but includes Kinect. No other bonuses, don’t get this bundle.

    Xbox One Assassin’s Creed Bundle, no Kinect: $349
    – This includes both Assassin’s Creed black flag (digital version), which is playable immediately after download, and Assassin’s Creed Unity, which you can pre-download, but it is not playable until release date, which is still 1-2 weeks away. As you can see, this is the same price as the barebones XBO, but includes 2 free games, making it a pretty sweet deal if you don’t care about the Kinect.

    Xbox One Assassin’s Creed Bundle, with Kinect: $449
    – Same as other AC bundle above, but also includes Kinect. It also includes a free Kinect game: Dance Central Spotlight. The Kinect sells separately alone for $149 MSRP, so this is an *extremely* good bundle. The standard MSRP prices would put this value at $399 console + $149 Kinect + $30 AC Black Flag + $60 AC Unity + $20 Dance Central Spotlight = about $650 total. Even if you believe the separate prices are kind of inflated, or they go down further over time, still a great deal.

    Xbox One Sunset Overdrive Bundle: $349
    – This bundle does not include a Kinect, but includes the new Sunset Overdrive game for the same price as the barebones bundle. But what makes this one stand out is that both the console and controller are white, which is pretty cool. Color preferences are subjective, so you’ll need to look at it and decide if this bundle is right for you, or if SO is the type of game you’ll like. It is currently the only way to get a white XBO. If you really want the Kinect, you’ll have to buy it separately for $149, which makes the deal less awesome. But if you don’t care about Kinect and like the look of white, this is a great choice.

    Xbox One Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Bundle: $449
    – This bundle is priced the same as the normal Kinect bundle, but this one does not actually include the Kinect. Instead, that $100 premium gets you Call of Duty Advanced Warfare (digital version, not physical), a custom Call of Duty themed console and controller design, and a 1TB hard drive. This is the only way to currently get a 1TB hard drive, which to me is the biggest selling point of all. But again, if you want the Kinect, you’ll have to buy it separately for $149 which makes it not as great of a deal. But that 1TB is great, and with how large full games are, will quickly become necessary. I’m hoping 1TB becomes a standard hard drive size very soon for this console, but for now, you’ll have to get this bundle to get that extra space (or get a separate external drive).

    Note: The included game is download only, no physical game disc is included. The game is HUGE so plan on starting it before you go to bed, so it will be done downloading and installed by morning. 🙂

    After the last few system updates, the Xbox One has become an even better gaming/media device that I am still using and enjoying just about every day. So pick the bundle that works best for you and you won’t be disappointed!


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    Great 1 Tb Package: Go with it over a Kinect One!, November 17, 2014

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    This review is from: Xbox One Limited Edition Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Bundle (Video Game)
    So there have been many negative reviews about this package. Here is my story and opinion:

    So I have wanted an Xbox One for some time and was waiting for a larger hard drive system to be released at a reasonable price. I personally really did not care about the included Call of Duty game or the console graphics, I purchased the system to play Forza Horizon and the Halo Master Chief Collection. Both have been great games. I must say the console and included wireless controller look pretty cool and do not overly scream Call of Duty. The custom sounds the console makes when ejecting a disk and turning on/off are also not overdone. The graphics are pretty great (not as good as my gaming pc, but good for a console) and great games like Forza, Halo, Gears, etc. can only be played on Xbox.

    There have been many complaints about the game downloading. The included game is a downloadable copy and not a physical disk copy. My school has terrible internet speed so at about 7/8 mb/s the 50Gb game took 3 days to download. The download can be paused and successfully install doing so many time. Those who were looking forward to the day one release were likely disappointed by the long download times ad server problems. I agree that a physical copy should be included.

    Here are my problems with the Xbox One system in general coming from a 360:

    1. You pretty much have to always be connected to the internet. When you first turn on the system it downloads a huge update for the system. When done you realize your 1 Tb system has less than 750 Gb on it. While there are technical reasons why 1 Tb is not actually a 1Tb in free space, the operating system os is still huge. Sloppy programming in my opinion as it is several times larger than windows 7 os. Anyways back to the internet, every time you want to play a game it seems there is up to a 100 mb download required to play. While you can unplug your internet to just play the game, it seems there are a lot of updates; almost constant.

    2. Things like achievements, game dvr, etc. need to be connected to the internet to use. While the idea behind this is so that developers can constantly add new achievements or goals, but there are times when you just want to be safe and have the achievement pop up after completing something hard and not wait for your internet to catch up. A lot of cut scenes and extra features in games like Halo: TMCE buffer through a 3rd party app called the Halo Channel and with my internet have terrible quality.

    3. You cannot join a party with xbox 360 friends. You can message them, but who does that?

    4. You cannot play games from disk, you have to download them to the console’s hard drive. With less than 750 Gb or so free to use, a few 50 Gb games like Halo, COD, etc. add up fast. You do the math, you can only have a few games installed at a time. My recommendation if you do not have a strong internet service always buy the physical copy. Downloading a 50 Gb game takes about an hour from the disk compared to the days from the Xbox store.

    5. To use your old 360 headset like my expensive turtle beach you need the $30 headset adapter to use with the new console controllers.

    6. No backwards compatibility with 360 games, at least not yet.

    Overall I really like the console, but wish things like the party system and having to be connected to the web for achievements would be fixed. The COD edition is currently the only 1 Tb system and I highly recommend the space over having a Kinect, which I havent need once yet. Unless you plan to run your cable box through the Xbox One, not really a necessary accessory. Hope my review helps, but again is my opinion only.


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