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Battlefield Hardline Adding These New Cars and Guns Through First DLC

Battlefield Hardline developer Visceral Games has published a detailed blog post that lists off the new vehicles and weapons coming to the cops-and-robbers shooter through Criminal Activity, the game’s first piece of add-on content.

Visceral explained that it is approaching all four Hardline expansion packs in a different way. For Criminal Activity, the focus is on fast-paced, infantry combat.

As a result, what you’ll see in terms of guns are weapons and attachments that are better suited for close-quarter combat.

The weapons, equipment, and vehicles listed below will be available only for people who buy Criminal Activity. However, Visceral will also release a free gun for everyone in the form of a new submachine gun that can be used by cops or criminals.

This gun will be delivered to all players through an update scheduled to go live when Criminal Activity lands later this month, first for Battlefield Premium members.

Check out Criminal Activity’s new guns and vehicles below, while detailed descriptions of each are available at Visceral’s website. The add-on also introduces four new multiplayer maps, a new Bounty mode, and more masks.


  • Pump action Bullup shotgun (cops)
  • New battle rifle (criminals)
  • New assault rifle (cops)
  • Nail gun (cops and criminals)


  • Armor Piercing Tracer Rounds (cops or criminals)
  • Breaching Rounds — (cops or criminals)


  • Lowrider
  • Pickup truck

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